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Join Contentos in Our Ultimate Goal of Burning 5 Billion COS Tokens


We would like to start by thanking our global community. Thank you for your support and enthusiastic participation in our project.

Contentos is dedicated to continuing to do our best to benefit our creators and users who are joining us in our journey. A major part of our plans to benefit our community and ecosystem in the long run is our ultimate goal of burning up to 5 billion COS tokens or 50% of our total circulating token supply.

Every creator and user can participate in and help to accelerate this process of burning tokens.

Contentos burns tokens every quarter. The burned tokens are collected from activities such as VEST Loan activities, NFT minting, and trading activities. The following are ways that creators and users can participate in this collection process:

  1. Creators: Create COS.TV channel, upload videos, apply for Video NFT minting and trade NFTs, ad monetization, etc.
  2. Users: Purchase Gifting Votes and other upcoming paid features on COS.TV, participate in VEST loans and trading competitions

The third token burning event at the end of this month will burn the fees collected from the Asia-Pacific and Latin American communities that participated in the most recent VEST loan bidding event. We have collected 2,430,916.29 COS tokens for burning.

COS.TV has started accepting applications for minting Video NFTs, and the 10,000 COS token service fee for minting NFTs will also be burned in the future.

  1. BP Voters: Participate in BP Voting, earn VEST (1 VEST = 1 COS)
  2. Creators: The best way to earn COS! Create your own channel on COS.TV, upload original videos, get video “likes” from viewers with VEST, and ask fans to send you Gifting Votes.
  3. PancakeSwap Users: Purchase CAKE tokens on Binance and stake them on the COS-Syrup Pool on PancakeSwap.
  4. Binance Users: Purchase COS on Binance and participate in COS Binance Savings and COS Binance Staking!
  5. Bithumb Users: Stay tuned for Bithumb’s announcement and make sure to participate in a limited COS Staking event.

Inspired by Kevin Kelly’s “1,000 True Fans” thesis, we are developing a new project which will integrate Binance Smart Chain, NFTs, and DeFi.



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