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Libra Offers Growth Opportunities for Contentos

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  1. Privacy: The good side about Facebook ad customization is that it helps show people the ads most relevant to them, but the downside is that Facebook retains too much information about its users, leading to an apparent invasion of privacy. If and when Facebook is asked to address these privacy concerns, it could mean major changes to its core business model.
  2. Conversion rate: Businesses advertise on Facebook to find potential customers. If these users do not become customers — users who complete the “call to action” after browsing Ads — then these ads are less useful, meaning that businesses are less likely to advertise on Facebook in the future. If the call to action is to download an app or visit a website, it is significantly easier to convert Facebook users to engaged customers than when the call to action is a purchase. This is even truer when considering the large number of Facebook users around the world who do not have access to credit cards or other financial services.
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  1. COS needs a way to exchange value with other ecosystems. Currently, this value exchange can only be achieved through crypto exchanges. In the future, Libra tokens can become the medium as long as there is a way to exchange COS and Libra, which is likely since every cryptocurrency has the same needs.
  2. Libra offers additional entries into developing markets. Together with strong allies, Libra may be able to resolve regulation pain points for numerous countries. Although this is not guaranteed, Facebook is in a better position to talk to different governments about regulation compliance than any other existing crypto projects, including Bitcoin or Ethereum.
  3. Content creators and social platforms are interdependent. Based on current Libra information, the only way you can get Libra is by exchanging fiat currency. Once content creators learn how to use Libra, they will look for alternatives to earn more Libra, and COS may be the most relevant crypto they earn with their content.



Contentos is a universal decentralized content ecosystem recently invested by Binance Labs, the blockchain incubator of world’s largest exchange. It aims to create a decentralized content ecosystem, where assets can be freely produced, authenticated, and distributed.

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