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Long-term Burning Plan for COS Tokens

Dear COSers,

Contentos Foundation has many exciting upcoming plans for this year.

As Contentos CEO Mick Tsai recently mentioned, we are planning to participate in the Polkadot Ecosystem, and also have plans to develop cross-chain NFT opportunities for our creator community and to expand the global reach of Contentos.

After taking a look at our current token circulation, the Contentos Foundation would like to announce the following:

  1. We will launch VEST loans as a core service this year, which will allow users to easily participate in the Contentos mainnet and experience the benefits of contributing to the Contentos Ecosystem.

In line with this decision, the 675,777 BEP-2 COS tokens collected from the New Year VEST loan events were burned today.

Finally, COS.TV, the blockchain content platform created by the Contentos Team is planning to create more MCN partnerships and is currently looking for more global MCN partners, especially in the US and Latin America. For those interested in our MCN services, please contact our business team! Join us as we bring blockchain to the world!



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