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Thanksgiving Bonus! Ten Million VEST HONEY Special!

Dear Global COSers,

Thank you all for supporting the Contentos BP Voting Anniversary campaign! It’s thrilling to see global communities continuing to contribute to the Contentos ecosystem. We want to celebrate with our community this Thanksgiving with another event, this time involving our DeFi partner HONEY Finance!

We’ve partnered with Honey Finance to give out a larger loan to HONEY hodlers!

What a sweet deal!

  • Loan applicants MUST HAVE $HONEY when applying for the VEST loans.
  • $0 loan rate.
  • Very low management fee.
  • Each member can apply for a maximum loan of 300,000 VEST.

Below is the percentage increment loan amount.

(For example: If you request a loan of 10,000 VEST with 1 HONEY in your wallet, you will get 10,000 VEST * 105% for a total of 10,500 VEST)

To verify your HONEY, we need your address signature from MyCrypto

  1. Open MyCrypto and click on “Web3”.
  2. Connect using the account that has HONEY.
  3. Fill in the message with your COS.TV mainnet account.
  4. Click “Sign message”
  5. Paste your “Signature” on the Google form application

(For step by step instructions, click here)

  • Application Period: From 2020.11.24 to 2020.12.04 23:59 (GMT+0)
  • Loan Period: 30 Days
  • Distribution Date: 2020.12.15
  • 10,000 VEST minimum loan and the fixed loan unit.
  • 300,000 VEST maximum loan.
  • First come, first served.

Every 10,000 VEST loaned will require a 10 COS cost as a daily management fee.

Ex: The management fee of a 30,000 VEST loan for 30 days will be 10*3*30 = 900 COS.

A) Fill in the Google Form ( ) with the following information to register.

(Starting from 2020.11.24 00:00 to 2020.12.04 23:59 GMT)

  • Your UID (COS.TV)
  • Your COS Mainnet Wallet Address
  • Your HONEY amount in ETH Wallet Address
  • MyCrypto Signature
  • Total Amount of your loan

B) Deposit the corresponding COS management fee to the Contentos official mainnet wallet “cosyear” (check here:

C) Wait for the review process and confirmation and receive the amount of your loan.

  1. The application will be processed on a “first come, first served” basis. Users who fill out the application completely with correct information, and transfer the management fee to “cosyear” correctly will receive the VEST Delegation. The total available amount for VEST Delegation is 10,000,000.
  2. We will return the management fee if your application is not valid.
  3. Applications that do not meet the requirements above will be disqualified without notice. Applications that do not contain valid information will be disqualified without notice. Please make sure to read the rules above carefully.
  1. Contract Address of $HONEY: 0x37c9eb4cef7571f27136145c82c37a01f2a8aa16
  2. Contentos is not liable for any mis-purchase of $HONEY, which will result in disqualification in participating in this campaign.



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