“Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020!” A Letter from Mick

Mick Tsai
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5 min readDec 31, 2019


To Dear COS believers,

Happy New Year!

Time really flies! 2019 is already coming to an end! Looking back, the Contentos team has slowly but surely pushed blockchain forward. With the support from our global community and investors, we have achieved extraordinary accomplishments!

[ Contentos Public Chain Development ]

Following our roadmap, the Contentos testnet launched on 3/27 and the code was made available to the GitHub community. The testnet has had 5 updates and has 4 connected dApps. We have successfully tested over 10k TPS, which is far ahead of well known public chains such as Ethereum, EOS, and TRON.

Testnet Roadmap

The Contentos v1.0 mainnet officially launched on 9/25. Currently, there are 220k+ addresses on-chain. There are 5k active daily users and 40k daily on-chain transactions on average. In addition, Bitrue officially integrated the Contentos mainnet and made transactions using COS. This achievement was supported by 21 block producers, 7 of which are owned by the Contentos Foundation, which shares the received jumpstart reward; approximately 80% of overall block producer rewards, with every user.

Bitrue listing

The Contentos mainnet has been online for almost 2 months. More than 53 million COS tokens are pledged into the mainnet to share the rewards. We have the best community in the world, and with the combined efforts of the Contentos the team, we are realizing the true spirit of the blockchain community.

[ Contentos Product Development ]

COS.TV’s ranking has risen to 20k in Alexa rank, which is a measurement of how a website ranks in a particular country relative to other sites over the past month. It took us less than 90 days to reach this achievement. Most of the users in COS.TV are from Brazil, the United States, and Vietnam. The number of users in Turkey and Russia are also increasing at a fast rate.

COS.TV has attracted many blockchain content creators in Brazil, who are subject to strict censorship and poor monetization on Youtube. After they joined COS.TV, we got access to their fans and potential blockchain users. It only took one month for an account to gain 10K+ followers. As a blockchain video platform, COS.TV also provides a way for blockchain companies like OKEx, Harmony, Matic, TomoChain, and Elrond get attention.

For our plans for next year, COS.TV is going to launch a mobile application which will help us to expand our user base. Also, we’ll work with Cheetah Mobile’s product lines to build a decentralized digital content platform. By providing services for global creators, consumers, and advertisers, we are following the trend of hyper-personalization, which gets us closer to meeting our user’s expectations.

[ Contentos Exchange ]

Our COS token was listed on Binance DEX, a BNB centric exchange on 6/20. In July, COS trading pairs for USDSB and BTCB became available. With support from Binance, COS officially launched on Binance.com on 8/3, and went on to get listed on Gate.io, Bithumb Global, Crypto.com, and Bitrue. By doing so, we increased worldwide liquidity, covered more regions and provided transaction users with more options.

[ Contentos Community ]

Contentos has loyal, local communities in Vietnam, Brazil, and Taiwan. The blockchain industry in Vietnam is currently receiving a lot of attention within Southeast Asia. Our team educates users on blockchain through products like Cheez and COS.TV. We also signed an official partnership with TomoChain, the number one public chain in Southeast Asia, allowing us to make a greater impact in this important market.

In Brazil, PhotoGrid, an application under Cheetah Mobile, launched on the Contentos mainnet and here are over 1 million daily active users on the app. Contentos is promoting to locals, and there is close cooperation between COS.TV and active Brazilian blockchain video creators. These are the reasons that Contentos has high recognition in social media in regions such as Korea, Russia, China, Japan, and England.

Contentos’s perseverance has allowed it to gain a great reputation and recognition from local social media. Third-party streaming social media and AMA continually offer to work with us. This approval from the community is vital for the long term development of Contentos.

[ Contentos Exchange in 2020 ]

In 2020, Contentos is going to launch mainnet v1.1. in order to accommodate tens of thousands of users. COS.TV will continue its global expansion, with the goal of providing service to millions of people.

On the exchange and community side, we are exploring the Korean market by cooperating with Korean media companies and educating users through PhotoGrid which has over 10 million users on the application. So be sure to stay tuned for more news!

Going back to our original commitment, Contentos is working hard to become a global blockchain that supports the revolution of the digital content industry. We’re not taking the short and easy way, but we are focusing on blockchain technology in order to provide greater fairness and satisfaction to creators And our inputs and improvements towards this commitment can be clearly seen.

For Contentos and COS, 2020 will be a year where we bring global creators and users together. Contentos is not just a whitepaper or an empty promise. Anyone can join Contentos right now and enjoy the service. Thank you so much for all your support and let’s see where COS will go in 2020!

Your Sincerely,

Mick, Co-founder of Contentos



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Mick Tsai