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VEST Loan for COS.SPACE NFT and Global Hodlers

COS.SPACE rights announcement! In April, there will be 30 VEST Loan zero-fee discount qualifications with a quota of 1 million, which will be provided to users who have completed the minting of COS.SPACE NFT. Please be sure to complete the casting and hold SPACE NFT before April 10th to qualify for the lottery.

Thank you to the global community for your continued active participation in VEST Lending, and also offering a 30,000,000 VEST Loan Bidding Quota in April. The total value of lending activity for the current period is 60,000,000 VEST. The community can participate in the Contentos mainnet BP voting through lending and leasing to support ecological construction and get more COS rewards!

⭐️ COS.SPACE NFT Benefit

  • Participation quota:30
  • Bidding method:April 11th-April 28th
  • Participation method:
    Participate in Method 1- COS HODLers, users who successfully mint and hold COS.SPACE NFT can get 1,000,000 VEST zero-fee lending rights
  • How to get: lottery airdrop
  • Reward distribution:
    On April 10th, 23:59:59 (UTC+8), according to the system data check, 30 users who meet the conditions will be randomly selected, and each will be issued 1,000,000 VEST loan rewards.
  • Note:
    Please remember to complete the whitelist minting and hold SPACE NFT by April 10th.

⭐️ Global VEST Loan Bidding

  • Participation quota:30
  • Bidding method:April 11th -May 12th
  • How to Bid:
    1. The bidding price is based on the minimum rent of 1,000,000 VEST and the bid is 30,000 COS. The final winner of the bidding will divide the loan reward proportionally according to the bid.
    2. Deposit 30,000 COS or more COS to the official Contentos address below to place a bid. (bnb100gkvt8qxg738skwoldqg50pzm3xclfa9slhm)
    3. Add your COS mainnet address in MEMO
    4. Check to see if you are in the top 30 bidders at the address below, or deposit a higher amount to bid again. ( )
  • We will announce the winners for the Loan Period on April 10th, 23:59:59 (UTC+8).
  • Notes:
    1. The bid amounts will not be added for a bidder with multiple bids.
    2. There will be a limit of one winner per address.

⭐️ Terms and conditions:

  • All BEP-2 COS bids by the winners of the bidding category will enter the COS token Long-term Burning Plan and will be burned in the next phase.
  • The total amount for this event will be 6,000,000 VEST.
  • We will return the bid if your application is not valid.
  • Applications that do not contain valid information will be disqualified without notice. Please be aware that bids that do not have COS mainnet accounts written on the MEMO cannot be returned and will be burned together with the winning bids without notice. Please make sure to read the rules above carefully.

*The final interpretation rights for this event belongs to Contentos*




Contentos is a universal decentralized content ecosystem recently invested by Binance Labs, the blockchain incubator of world’s largest exchange. It aims to create a decentralized content ecosystem, where assets can be freely produced, authenticated, and distributed.

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