What is the future of COS?

Contentos mainnet launch timeline

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3 min readSep 23, 2019


In the previous article, we talked about the uses of COS and the immense potential for growth it has. Now, let’s talk about how we can attain this attractive future for COS — with the Contentos main network launch.

Contentos mainnet timeline

September 25:

  • The Contentos mainnet launches with v1.0
  • A version update for COS.TV supporting the Contentos mainnet
    - Users can now create an account address on the Contentos main-net which will allow them to participate in the content ecosystem reward system with every newly uploaded video on COS.TV.
  • Convert BEP-2 COS tokens to native mainnet COS
    - All existing BEP-2 COS token holders now have the option to convert their COS holdings into the native mainnet COS; then from mainnet, back to BEP-2 COS (1:1). BEP-2 COS tokens can still be withdrawn and deposited back into BEP-2-supported exchanges (i.e., Binance). To convert your BEP-2 COS into mainnet COS, you can simply deposit them into a converter tool, of which, we will provide the link soon. Stay tuned!
  • Convert native mainnet COS into VEST
    - Only mainnet COS can be converted into VEST (BEP-2 COS must be converted to mainnet COS first).
    - VEST tokens will allow you to participate in functions such as system governance on the Contentos blockchain. With VEST, you can now choose to become either a block producer candidate or a voter in support of one of the candidates.
    - Use VEST to UpVote your favorite content creators on COS.TV.

October 2:

  • First distribution batch of content ecosystem rewards
    - Seven days after the mainnet launch, the first batch of content ecosystem rewards will be ready for distribution. The reward will be sent to block producers, content creators, commentators, and DApp developers based on the formula explained in the Contentos white paper.
  • Receive content ecosystem rewards in VEST
  • More strategic options with your VEST
    - Hold VEST to become more influential in the Contentos ecosystem. Remember, you cannot trade VEST.
    - Wait 13 weeks to convert VEST to native COS, and trade the native COS on the Contentos wallet. Soon, you will also be able to purchase GiftingVote with the native COS and send GiftingVote to other content creators to earn content ecosystem rewards.
    - Wait 13 weeks to convert VEST to native COS, then from native COS to BEP-2 COS. You can then deposit and trade BEP-2 COS in exchanges where COS is currently listed. While crypto exchanges work on supporting COS mainnet, we will provide a tool to enable the conversion of BEP-2 COS and native COS.


  • A version update for PhotoGrid supporting the Contentos mainnet
    If you wish to earn through the Contentos content reward ecosystem but cannot create long-form videos, PhotoGrid is an excellent option for image creators worldwide!

Wrap up

In essence, the mainnet launch will immediately allow for positive effects to cascade within the ecosystem through product improvements and more token uses. Alongside the main network launch, is the launch of VEST, which will expand the way you participate within the Contentos ecosystem.

In quick, as a BEP-2 COS holder, these are the steps you need to acquire VEST if you hold BEP-2 COS:

Deposit your BEP-2 COS into the mainnet COS converter  convert your mainnet COS to VEST  (optional) VEST can then be converted back to mainnet COS  Convert mainnet COS to BEP-2 tokens to trade on crypto exchanges (crypto exchanges will continue to support BEP-2 COS for the time being).

Whether you’re a crypto trader, or a content creator, an audience, or an advertiser who may not have prior experience in crypto; Contentos is designed to benefit you whatever your point of entry is into the Contentos ecosystem. We can only anticipate the native COS to continue to flourish as product adoption scales globally.


The statements herein do not constitute technology, financial, investment, legal or other advice, nor do they apply to any particular situation or implementation. Please consult with professionals in appropriate areas before implementing or utilizing anything or any information contained in this document.



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