Software tools for writers and copywriters in 2021

How to improve your writing with software?

Przemek Chojecki
Apr 22 · 7 min read

Software tools are a beautiful addition to every writer’s creative process. They can even be a blessing! They offer great possibilities of improvement of one’s writing and thanks to their multiple functionalities they provide errorless, beautifully simple, perfectly written texts that their users are proud of.

We prepared a selection of the best software tools and apps for writers in 2021 and classified them according to their main characteristics. So, whether you want to eliminate all the typos from your writing, make sure there are no repetitions in your text or want to generate a text, you will surely find something for you in this article. Dig in, for it’s really worth it.

We classify writing apps into 6 categories:

  • Grammar and spelling checkers
  • Simplifiers/writing assistants
  • Word processors and work organisers
  • Concentration helpers/productivity tools
  • Specialised tools for novel writers
  • Research/organisation tools

Now let’s get into details — we will describe some of the most important and the most used software tools by aspiring or professional writers.

Software tools for writers and copywriters in 2021

Grammar and spelling checkers

What apps/software tools are in this category: Grammarly, Ginger Software, PaperRater, WhiteSmoke.

Tools that scan your text searching for mistakes, typos, unfinished sentences, making sure your text is irreproachable.

Grammarly is without a doubt the most well-known software tool — it englobes a couple of interesting features, although its grammar and spelling checker is probably the most used. Grammarly offers its users the possibility to add a plug-in to their browser that automatically checks everything you write on the Internet, giving you feedback about the tone, clarity, and engagement. Grammarly is extremely useful for everyone, not only professional writers — it gives you the possibility to send beautiful, errorless mails and to make sure your copy is perfect. It can not only be a good solution for native English speakers, but also for writers from other countries that may doubt their English-speaking abilities. Speaking about different languages — WhiteSmoke offers a translation tool across 55 languages, along with a dictionary and thesaurus. As for PaperRater, it offers the analysis of sentence beginnings and detailed statistics about grammar, spelling and word choice, which can be very useful for professionals. Last but not least, Ginger Software offers sentence rephrase and word prediction, which can both considerably improve writing speed. It also has an integrated text reader — a very useful tool for editing and correcting your writing. Finally, the personal trainer can help you improve your English, whether you’re a native or not.

Simplifiers/writing assistants

What apps/software tools are in this category: Hemingway, Scrivener, Ulysses, Contentyze.

If you’re a fan of Proustian sentences with no end, you probably know that sometimes, after a fifth comma, it’s getting hard to remember what this sentence was initially about. That’s where tools like Hemingway come in handy, trying to make your phrases easy and easily comprehensible. Because longer and more complicated doesn’t always mean better.

Hemingway makes sure your very long, complex articles are understood by all your readers. This app scans your text taking into consideration its readability. It’s a perfect solution for technical writers, but also for people who just want to deliver better quality, more logical articles. Another interesting feature of the Hemingway app is a detector of adverbs, qualifiers and passive voice that are commonly considered futile. In exchange, the app can suggest some quality substitutes that will elevate your writing to another level. Scrivener and Ulysses can help you transform the bits of text you have into logical phrases, paragraphs, and finally blogposts or even novel chapters. Thanks to their organisational features, they go well with a simplifying spirit of Hemingway, being somewhat of a next step in every writer’s creative process.

But the most interesting one of the apps mentioned is without a doubt Contentyze that gives you the possibility to create texts from a headline thanks to its AI-writing assistant but also helps you create the summaries or the rewordings of your texts. It may come in handy for marketing specialists, but not only — it may also be very useful to all the bloggers and writers, and that’s mainly because of Contentyze’s new features like creation of your template. It’s a software tool that keeps improving its functionalities and creative process possibilities. It looks like a really powerful writing assistant that can be adjusted to your needs and preferences. It’s also the most modern one, using the AI capacities to their fullest. Definitely worth checking out!

Word processors and work organisers

What apps/software tools are in this category: Draft, LibreOffice, Notion.

Depending on your computer, you’re probably used to working in Pages or Word. But there are other tools you can choose to write in, like Draft, which is not only an online word processor but also gives you the possibility of setting daily reminders about your writing goals, and of collaborating with your teammates, just like in Google Docs. As for LibreOffice, it’s worth checking out if you need a classic word processor, but don’t want to pay for a Microsoft Office licence. Finally, you can use Notion, an online workspace that combines the functionalities of word processors, gives you the possibility to collaborate on a project, and much more. Notion is a project management tool, but will perfectly work for writers, mainly thanks to its basic options that are doing the work without the useless additions. It gives its users the possibility to set the preferences and customise the tool as they want it. Thanks to its simple, minimalistic all-white layout it’s easy to understand and pleasant to use.

Concentration helpers/productivity tools

What apps/software tools are in this category: Noisli, Freedom, Marinara Timer, Noizio, Cold Turkey, Ommwriter.

Sometimes it’s just hard to concentrate. Your phone keeps beeping, letting you know that someone messaged you, birds outside chirp heavenly, someone is screaming…and you’re hungry and thinking about lunch. These tools will let you focus for a limited amount of time, then take a break, then focus again.

If you have some problems with concentration, these apps are for you. The purpose is to let you concentrate either by providing the perfect writing environment with background music, background colour or the noises that let you concentrate (like the sound of an old school typewriter when you’re writing on your keyboard, nature sounds, and many more), or by depriving you of all the unnecessary stimuli — blocking other websites on your computer or setting a timer that will enable you to work for a limited time in a full concentration. Very useful if you have a tendency to check your social media every five minutes, and we know we all do.

Specialised tools for novel writers

What apps/software tools are in this category: Reedsy Book Editor, Mellel (for Mac users).

These apps are destined for novel writers, giving you the possibility to edit and organise big chunks of text (i.e., chapters). For example, Reedsy Book Editor formats your text as you write, transforming your draft into a professionally-looking, even ready-to-publish pdf material. It even generates some technical elements for you, like a dedicated copyright page with your ISBN code and a table of contents. You can just copy and paste the content of your book without having to worry about the disappearing bolds and italics — Reedsy Book Editor takes care of it for you. It’s extremely useful if you’re the kind that doesn’t like to worry about the formatting and conversion. As for Mellel, it gives you more of the traditional, book-oriented tools, like help with outlining and bibliography preparation, which are both extremely useful, for these tasks are very technical, requiring meticulous work. It also offers some powerful tools for academics, letting you handle citation insertion, styling and multilingual materials.

Research/organisation tools

What apps/software tools are in this category: Google Docs+ Research Tool, Milanote, Evernote.

A browser integrated into your worksheet can help you avoid multiple distractions coming from the cool side of the Internet.

All of the above-mentioned offer various research tools that can be extremely useful in the creative, but also organisational process. Google Docs+ Research Tool has an integrated browser that provides a disturbance-free working environment, while Milanote and Evernote let you organise your working materials — as for Milanote, it provides a workspace where you can organise all your resources in a way that fits your working process best. Evernote has an additional possibility of saving the articles you think you will use in your work, cutting its pieces and pasting them directly in your workspace, or recording audio notes — it’s a paradise of unorganised writers who get the best ideas in the weirdest moments of their day.

Final note on writing tools

While this list is not exhaustive, we think that these 6 main categories englobe most of the software tools and apps that are out there. Think about trying them out and checking which one fits you best — most of them have a free basic option and a paid premium one, some of them are free. So, whether you have trouble concentrating, need some organising or want to generate texts by bulk with an artificial intelligence mastermind machine, you will surely find something for yourself.

P.S. This is text was written as a part of Contentyze content marketing effort to bring the best writing knowledge to a wide audience and was mostly created by Eva Gierczynska.

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