Developer Success Story — EmailPet Allows Customers to Reach Inbox Zero

Research shows that collectively we send a staggering 269 billion emails every single day and if you’re an average office worker, entrepreneur or small business owner, you’re likely receiving about 120 of those daily emails. No wonder we’re suffering from email fatigue and work diligently to achieve the peace of mind that comes with an empty inbox.

Thankfully there are resourceful developers who have come to our rescue! This is the case with Andreas Huttenrauch, a workflow automation developer who set out to solve his own challenges and created EmailPet, an app that intuitively and easily automates inbox zero.

What is inbox zero?

When Merlin Mann coined “inbox zero,” it referred to tips and tactics meant to combat the distracting nature of email. Over time inbox zero became synonymous with keeping an inbox squeaky clean. Either way, email management is a daily struggle for most of us.

Achieving inbox zero — the hard way

A plethora of inbox management tips can be found online but basically they deliver similar messaging and require an extreme commitment to staying on top of incoming email:

  • Check email less often and answer immediately any that can be addressed in less than two minutes
  • Categorize everything and create folders to file emails away as quickly as possible
  • Move emails into “action later” folders when they require more than two minutes to answer
  • Delete outdated emails — regularly
  • Create subject lines that make it easy to organize and file the emails

All are good suggestions but do they really save time, take your mind off the inbox, or address the needs of mobile devices? With over one hundred emails incoming daily — probably not.

Achieving inbox zero — the easy way

Most people, are stretched thin by the large volume of personal, work, and family commitments. They don’t don’t have time to work manual email reduction routines like organizing and de-cluttering or auto-unsubscribing from endless emails. They’re also constantly on the run and want inbox zero barriers solved across all their devices — including mobile. In other words, we all need a tool that’s intuitive, doesn’t cost a fortune, and plays well with smartphones and tablets.

Introducing EmailPet

EmailPet is a cloud-based, easy to set-up, intuitive tool that solves the inbox zero headaches once and for all. Imagine how nice it could be to wake up and see one or two important email notifications instead of 20 waiting to be deleted, unsubscribed, or filed! Now you can and EmailPet also addresses:

  1. Ability to redirect easily on mobile devices

Virtually no email client, straight out of the box, can direct emails to another address easily while leaving the original sender info intact, and the ones that can haven’t been able to address this on mobile.

  1. Automation of common emails

Practically everyone receives common email types that need to be saved but don’t necessarily need to be looked at. Automation allows users to file away receipts, itineraries, and other common email types so they’re saved without users having to see them.

IFTTT for email:

For users familiar with tools like If-This-Then-That (IFTTT), you’ll appreciate the same sort of “recipe building” features for automation that EmailPet brings to your inbox:

  • Smart lists: blacklist or whitelist incoming mail based on email addresses and subject lines
  • Folder filters: automatic filtering for an email placed into a folder no matter when or how it arrives
  • Powerful automation: mark as read, move emails to folders, and even snooze emails for later
  • Interconnectivity: auto send emails to other online services you’re using just by moving them to a folder (Think: accounting software, Evernote, Basecamp, MyHelpdesk and Podio)

EmailPet and Context.IO:

Andreas chose to partner with Context.IO to develop EmailPet after he discovered how server intensive it is to poll iMap accounts and folders. solved these challenges.

For the price of a Latte

At $5 a month, EmailPet is a favorite for entrepreneurs and small company owners who want to action emails while mobile and automate functions to keep their inbox clean at all times.

Finding success with the Context.IO API? Let us know, we’d love to capture your success story!