Planning for Service Mesh: A hard look at service mesh as a solution “SMaaS”

Let’s sort the facts from the faff.

The Foundations

The Awkward Questions

Breathe in, Breathe out. Let’s consider the list.

Self-Reflection: The Why

Planning for Service Mesh

The Control Plane and the Data Plane

high level overview comparing the service mesh configuration (left) vs typical ingress-controller implementation (right). You can end up with two ingress routes, to enable steady and on-demand switch-over, with dns/endpoint consideration to follow-through with.

The Goal — The BHAG

Big Considerations (the details)

It is a real effort between Technical Leadership, the development team(s) and the platform engineering. Service Mesh touches a lot of IaC and impacts everyone. This is most certainly not a cowboy rodeo. Involve everyone, learn together.

My Thoughts

Incremental, steady-as-she-goes approach best. Assign designated app owners to really know their app, and pair them with the designated platform engineer. Rotate. Mix. Knowledge Share. Rinse & Repeat for all relevant services



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