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This is the second part of my “lessons learned” blog post on Hashicorp’s Terraform. You can read the first instalment here if you missed it.

6. Keep your code together as much as possible

One of the biggest benefits of Terraform is the way that you can use derived values for resources used as inputs to other resources. While…

Realistic representation of how you will actually look when you finish reading this article and show off your story pointing knowledge to your friends, family, and co-workers.

If you want to skim, just read What are Story Points, Purposes of Story Points and Example of a team using relative pointing.


Amongst people in the software industry there is a lot of confusion around story points. …

AWS Lambda Functions Powered by AWS Graviton2 Processors

Today, we’re going to explore, together, what Graviton2 can mean for you and your business. Also, we’ll look at how, with the advent of AWS Lambda on Graviton, you can safely migrate your serverless workloads from x86 to Arm using native AWS tooling.

Why are people excited about Graviton2?

One of the great promises of the…

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