Breaking Silence

Aug 30 · 2 min read

After a few months of silence, am back with some impressive updates for you on Onam day — a festival celebrated in Kerala, India. Also, wishing you all a happy and safe festive season this year.

Yoga world will be more organised, yoga teachers are less hassled. Thank you guys.

Above is the feedback about We built it to help customers transition online during this pandemic times.

Until April, we only had an interface for our yoga studio owners/teachers. Our interaction with yoga students was through messages — SMSs or WhatsApp. Now we have a portal for students instead of interacting with humans offline. And they can attend online classes too.

Continuous delivery practices helped us to build a reliable and sustainable app. We started with the option to attend online classes with minimal UI. Added more features and upgraded the UI.

Thank you Apoorva and Vivek. They helped us create a useful and pleasant application for yoga students.

Our vision is to help yoga students for deliberate and consistent practice. And that is possible only if teachers have a more organised and hassle-free time.

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Most of us see our work as a “job” instead of seeing it as a learning opportunity. As Anna writes, one starts enjoying the “work” when its seen as “play” than “job”.

Here are a few more about the art of practice and how to improve the same.

Meditation is the Master Key for Learning

Find the Inner Strength

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We are looking for Rails Consultants to help us speed up our vision forward. Write to if you are one or if you know someone.

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