Power of belief


Above is the super-short summary of the recently concluded Women Droid Meetup. The meetup’s focus is to provide a safe space for women to talk about the challenges they face, specifically as a consequence of working in technology and find solutions along with the right kind of support, within the group.

Goda Ramkumar concentrated on how you should own your journey, sharing her journey by practising the theory. She did a great job on summarising it, the major takeaways are:

  • Be confident when asking for something you deserve.
  • Aspire your career
  • Practice 5Cs — Curious, Clear, Communicative, Confident, Consistent

One example is how she brought in the change for late meetings. Goda very clearly and confidently communicated to the team, if you need me for the meeting it has to be before 5 PM. And it worked because the team took it seriously.

I summarised how the decision I took in 2008 to join Multunus had changed my perspective about many things. The summary is as follows:

  • Everyone has an inner voice which says you are not good enough. Don’t listen to that
  • Increasing your curiosity over your doubts can silence the inner voice
  • Focus on the circle of influence instead of the circle of concern
  • Increase your mastery by deliberate practice
  • Choose workplaces which focuses on purpose, energised team and delighted customers

Here are the slides for my presentation:

In reality, both the talks were not specific to any gender. Fundamentally it is about the desire to grow. You adjust everything — the environment, behaviour and thought process — to make sure that you are consistently growing. And keep practising deliberately.



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