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ContinuousPipe launches tool for faster development workflows

We’re delighted to officially launch ContinuousPipe — a cloud-based tool using technologies including Docker and Kubernetes to accelerate web and software development workflows and support continuous delivery.

ContinuousPipe significantly cuts lead times and speeds up the development feedback loop by automating the deployment, scaling, and management of web applications.

It enables web developers, IT managers, CTOs, and DevOps managers to collaborate more efficiently with stakeholders while limiting the waste and frustration caused by slow and unreliable developer environments.

ContinuousPipe aims to improve key components of the software development lifecycle including:

  • Feedback and collaboration: By providing an isolated environment for QA teams, ContinuousPipe ensures it is no longer necessary to wait for changes to be merged into a staging environment.

Like what you hear? Well good news! We’re offering you a free, 14-day trial to get a hands-on look at what ContinuousPipe could do for your organisation.

Simply sign up for your 14-day trial. Enjoy!



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