Episode 5: The Power of Hope

Carl lived alone, isolated and depressed in Blue City, a small town of 197 inhabitants hopeless. He had suffered a major disappointment in life and has since lost faith in the human race.

When he bought the house where he lived, found in the attic a little rusty iron box that was too stank. He decided to open it. He found a kind of message in a paper that said,

“Reverence the green. This place offers immeasurable power for those who crave for it. You have to have hope. There are 7 trees with two trunks here. Adopt one and them reverence for 287 consecutive days. Thereafter, you’ll want what you want within the confines of Blue City. Believe.
But you can only live for over 287 days after the request. After these days, you have no more life and all that you have wished will disappear and have never existed. I’m living my 286º day and here I am passing this forward".

Even without any hope, Carl decided to try. At first he judged himself a fool. Even so, he chose the first tree with the features and began to revere her, day after day. In 287 days, when made his final reverence, he was startled to notice that the tree has also bent to it. At that moment a voice came warning that, thereafter, Carl could ask for anything. He did not know what to ask. For a long time, he had desire nothing.

Then he wished his life was interrupted as soon as possible, because he had no courage to commit suicide. The wish was granted on one condition: Carl should go back to the house and make sure the paper he had found in smelly box was rewritten in new sheet and deposited again somewhere that was easy to be found.

He found the order a bit strange, but continued. Then, as had been ordered, it was again to the tree. he was notified that desires regarding death were immediately penalized for interrupting hope. The city was so sad that others had made similar requests.

Then, immediately, Carl became the 8th tree of Blue City.


This story was inspired by the picture that illustrates this post. This photo was found on instagram profile @mariapp90. Follow it! There are great pictures there :)

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