Episode 9: Undergound Variations Under Heavy Fog

Anthony put the backpack back to go to the bookstore wich was in the city center. He took the subway and as it approached the center station, the train stopped completely, without lights!

A brief announcement came through internal communication: “Ladies and Gentelmen. It allowed to go down and walk normally along the tracks to the next station. The repairs will take a long time. Feel free”.

Anthony and some passengers went down and decided to walk along the tracks. Already far from the train that they leave behind, they began to hear a loud noise of a train approaching, leaving them terrified. The radio communicator want them to die?

Suddenly that deafening noise disappeared and a thick fog engulfed the tunnels. Anthony saw little beyond their own nose. Still, they decided to go walking until they found the station which gave access to the city center. They were groping the walls to find the right place.

In that moment they began to hear strange voices. People coughing a lot, speaking Japanese, Greek. Then another group speaking German. Russian. Portuguese, Arabic? Anthony’s group began to see these people who wore very old clothes.

They were too afraid, because only could see these people when they were very close. The fog are much dense. these people seemed to belong to another era. Anthony were looking for those hairstyles, makeup, shoes.

That strange people were trying to communicate in some way. It was a great buzz, a mess where we see but very little was heard. Fear. Which meant that people speaking different languages, using old fashioned clothes for these days. No sense at all.

It would just recording a movie? A TV ad? Some sort of simulation? A reality show? Or the train noise they heard before would have crashed into them and they were all dead? It is not known. But it seemed, at that point there was some kind of intersection of parallel realities, time variations or something like that.

Time was lost somehow, putting in touch all those people who were separated not only geographically, but also by centuries…


This story was inspired by the picture that illustrates this post. This photo was found on instagram profile @iamthegatekeeper. Follow it! There are great pictures there☺

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