22HEALER システィーナ /Sistina

Axel Mark
Axel Mark
Jan 13 · 1 min read



The priest of the Imperial Shadow and the educator of Aldebaran. When the empire was in Solestre, I was a sister in church.

“Al, today, let’s study about the stars shining in the night sky. Now, sit down here.”


Healer specialized in critical buffs!

After action, give LUK11 / CRI18Up to allies for 24 turns.


After action, give LUK15 / CRI30Up to allies 32 turns.

行動後、メインターゲットの味方にLUK20Upを2ターン与える。(解除不可)(Battle reward CSC1.5%Up)
fter the action, give LUK20Up to allies on the main target for 2 turns. (Cannot be canceled) (Battle reward CSC1.5% Up)


行動後、メインターゲットの味方にLUK20Upを12ターン与える。(解除不可)(Battle reward CSC1.5%Up)
After the action, give LUK20Up to the main target ally for 12 turns. (Cannot be canceled) (Battle reward CSC1.5% Up)

Status is in development. Subject to change.

Contract Servant

Japanese Card Game

Axel Mark

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Axel Mark

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Contract Servant

Japanese Card Game

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