Action and Skill

I will introduce the action and skills of the servant.

Servant Action

The number of actions of servants are different for the job.

・Attacker /Every round attack

・Defender/Every round attack

・Healer/Recover to odd round

・Magician/Attack to even round


Servant Skill

The servants have skills. The skill level rises by evolving the servant.

Attacker skills

Attackers often have killer attack skills and lite ailment skills.

Defender Killer
Before action:Aura of defender killer 30% UP /1turn to myself

After action:Poison /3turns on target

Defender skills

Defenders often have protect skills and Counter skills.

Regenerate Protect
After action:Regeneration and protect /2turns to myself
※Protect skill is the effect of fourcs target on myself.

Damage Counter
After action:Reflect 5% of damage /2turns on target

Healer skills

Healers often have buffskills andstate recovery skills.

POW Bonus
After action:Pow 9%UP /5turns on target

Ailment Recover
After action:Recovery to ailment and Resist ailment /1turn on target

Magician skills

Magicians often have debuff skills and hard ailment skills.

Anti Barrier
After action:Anti-barrier 15% UP / 5turns on target

After action:Freeze / 4turns on target


The attacker can attack every turn, so that Servant of the battle plays a leading role.

However, it may be reversed by the high firepower of the magician.

The healer and defender’s damage control abilities are also important, as the more survivors win.


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