Official Release campaign Giveaway

Axel Mark
Axel Mark
Feb 1 · 2 min read

To celebrate the launch, We will conduct a campaign to download the Contract Servant(CSCG) APP and give the first 10,000 people a total of 30 ETH(0.003 ETH per one person for the first 10,000 people).

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Campaign period:

GMT 0:00 1 Feb. 2020 〜 23:59 29Feb. 2020

How to Participate:

iOS: Connect your iPhone



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・If the one player download CSCG app for multiple times, he/she won’t be counted as the participant.
・For people who already finish those three steps will be automatically counted as participants, except users who use “import” function
Don’t forget doing back up!
・0.003 ETH will be sent daily after wallet developer(tokenPocket) check each users whether they break terms from Feb 15th
・Campaign will be finished without announcement when the app developer finish sending 0.003 ETH to 10,000 users.

Please note that you may not be able to download from some regions.


Q1. Haven’t received ETH yet

A. We can’t say clearly when ETH will be sent since we are going to check the verification for each users. So please wait or let us contact via contact form;

It would take time to answer your question since there would be many participants for this campaign.

Q2. Is that possible to check whether I have already received the ETH?

A. No you can’t. Since currently there are no notification function in this wallet app. Thanks for understanding.

If you have any problem, let us know from here.

Contract Servant

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