Contract Vault brings truly smart contracts to the Global Blockchain Expo

Watch our 5 minute pitch at the Global Blockchain Expo

London has always been (and will be, even after Brexit) a world center for business and commerce. This year’s edition of the Global Blockchain Expo saw over 14 000 people attend the two-day event at London’s Olympia — and many of them were discovering blockchain and smart contracts for the first time.

A packed Olympia for the Global Blockchain Expo this year!

And yes, we were there too. Because we feel it’s important to educate businesses, accountants, lawyers — and actually anyone who can stand to benefit from blockchain’s innovation.

We know that smart contracts aren’t really that smart. Not yet anyway…

But we’re getting there. And the Contract Vault platform will be an important linchpin in the growth of a digital world where contracts and agreements work smoothly and empower not only better processes, but also totally new transactions and business models.

It’s going to be exciting — just like the past two days were!


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