Perica Grasarevic
Oct 6, 2017 · 2 min read

Contract Vault at Swiss Legal Tech 2017

Now that the Swiss Legal Tech Conference 2017 is over, we would like to share some pictures and impressions with you.

General thoughts

In general, the conference was extraordinarily well organised (thank you Petra Arends-Paltzer, Antoine Verdon, Florian Glatz, Chris Küng) and had some excellent speakers (most notably Mr Meng Weng Wong, the CEO of However, one could have switched the rooms for individual workshops as it was quite apparent that some ICO- and blockchain-related topics had attracted too much interest for the smaller rooms.

Furthermore, some of the workshops on the 2nd day of the conference would have benefitted from a more hands-on approach and in-depth technical explanations. In essence, the format of the majority of the workshops was the same as that of the talks.

The state of LegalTech in Switzerland

The premise of the 48-hour hackathon was to connect lawyers with developers and legal engineers which resulted in some promising ideas and projects. The concept of bringing these very different industries together is an important one as there is a substantial disconnect between them.

Legal tech, notably with regards to blockchain technology, is in its infancy compared to other sectors. There is a great desire in the legal industry to explore new blockchain technologies (particularly smart contracts) but also a lack of understanding with regards to what is possible from a technical standpoint. Similarly, developers don’t understand the needs of law firms and legal professionals. Conferences such as Swiss Legal Tech are instrumental in creating a greater understanding between these groups.

For the Contract Vault team, the conference was a great success. The lawyers and developers that we met were extremely excited about our platform, and there were some exciting developments that we’ll be sharing with you in more detail in the coming days.

Finally, a big shoutout to the Swiss Legal Tech team for making the event happen.

Contract Vault

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