Vault Token Sale — Future of Contract Vault

Gordon Mickel
Sep 4, 2018 · 2 min read

As you probably have noticed, the Vault Token Sale was unfortunately not successful. The minimum threshold wasn’t reached, and therefore the future development of the platform can’t be financed via the Token sale. As a result, all cryptocurrency contributions from phases 1 and 2 of the public Token Sale will be returned within the next 14 days. We will contact participants that contributed using fiat currencies directly in the coming days. There will be no distribution of Airdrop or Bounty tokens.

To our private sale participants

We want to thank everyone who believed in the Contract Vault project and team from the very beginning. We are very disappointed that the project has not gone as far as expected for now. Without you, our close friends and family we would not have been able to build the foundations for Contract Vault, implement the Token sale and develop the first parts of the platform. As a participant in the private sale, you will receive an email shortly with further information.

What are the next steps?

We still believe that every individual deserves fast, affordable and easy access to legal services using only a browser or mobile device or help themselves with digitally advanced tools.

We still believe that lawyers and in-house counsels need the latest technologies at their disposal. They deserve more than Word, copy/paste and email chaos. We know that lawyers can scale their output, commercialise their work more efficiently and spend their time providing more quality counselling rather than being bogged down with administrative work and the search for suitable contract templates.

We still believe that companies should have cost-effective access to Blockchain technology and Smart Contracts so that they can digitalise their processes, physical assets and rights more efficiently. They should be able to collaborate effectively with customers and partners using a smart editor and our platform to design and manage contracts.

For these reasons we have been working hard on a first version of the SmartEdit module and will present it to potential investors and our partners in the upcoming weeks. We recognise that Contract Vault can change the world of legal services and are doing everything we can to ensure the financing of the platform.

We, the Contract Vault team are still fully committed to this project and are also working full steam at finding alternative solutions to make this project a success and will also continue to keep you informed of the latest developments via this blog and our telegram channel. Do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. We want to stay in touch with you.


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Contract Vault

Contract Vault is an advanced platform and marketplace for…

Contract Vault

Contract Vault is an advanced platform and marketplace for creating truly smart contracts.

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Contract Vault

Contract Vault is an advanced platform and marketplace for creating truly smart contracts.