We are working hard to make you work less.

We here at Contractize are on a journey to deliver the best experience possible to one have legal docs made easy. And to make this haven’t been that easy so far, but we are getting there. Our engineering team has improved the security layers, our UX master has refined the structure and features, front-end devs are refining the mobile, our content is done, and we are almost ready to launch the beta version of Contractize!

We are very positive for our purpose and vision, to provide a good experience in the creation, electronic signing, sending and receiving legally binding documents, on an end-to-end basis, frictionless and just easy. We have devoted a good time testing our systems to make it bring a real value for persons and companies in need to secure a transaction and have peace of mind.

Contractize was born of our particular wish since we have used and reviewed most of the digital transactions platforms and, despite all the good features they bring on, we really missed one which brings electronic signatures for anyone in a need to enter in a transaction, or other kind of legal document.

Contracts are, by definition, undesirable (unless if you are the lawyer who is drafting it, as some of us are).

You can love your home, but it is quite impracticable to feel the same appreciation for your mortgage papers. You can have all the devotion to your rescued pet, but you had to cope with some paperwork before experience the joy brought you by written commitments. So life is, a succession of duties, liabilities, promises, and requirements usually stamped on a paper or popped up on a screen of our devices usually seen in the shape of a box that we just click and agree.

Contracts are present in basically all kind of human activities, and we believe they must be easy to do. We are very proud to remove the friction that comes along with legally binding documents (and go green in the process).

If you wish to cut the line and get early free access to Contractize, check our upcoming page at Product Hunt:


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