Community Reward Campaign Round 2

One more important milestone has been accomplished! ContractLand’s development team has completed Bitcoin Terra Bridge, which enables our users to transfer bitcoin to all EVM based chains. To continue giving back our community members, ContractLand is promoting another Community Reward Campaign. We will air-drop another 100 of 5000CLC (around $30 USD equivalent) ContractLand options to members of our community, expecting more friends can join us and use Terra-chain. We can grow together as one happy family.

What is option?

An option provides the option buyer with the right to buy/sell an underlying security at the strike price. In this case, it allows option buyer to buy ContractLand Coin using ETH with the fixed exchange rate.

How to get ContractLand options?

Join ContractLand’s Campaign telegram group, and leave your Ethereum address in the group chat before March 1st 2019(Please also PM admin after you leave the address). We will add your wallet address to the air-drop list.

How to redeem the option?

From March 15th to March 22th, you have the option to acquire CLC(ContractLand Coin) using ETH. Despite the ascending price, your exchange rate will be fixed to 1ETH:15000CLC.

Connect with us

Campaign Telegram: