Introverts Are The True Extroverts… And Vice Versa

If we expand the context, that is…

Introverts are not social within their immediate contexts. Extroverts are. The reason being - introverts are not happy with their immediate contexts. Extroverts are.

Introverts tend to explore contexts beyond their immediate environment. Extroverts don’t.

Introverts use media enabling them to reach out to unfamiliar contexts. They are the readers of history books, the lonely travelers/adventurers/explorers, the science/tech geeks, the founders of companies.

Introverts are the true extro-verts. They connect to the out-there. Extroverts are the true intro-verts. They connect to the in-here.

This thesis relates to another one I’m developing lately - the opposition between “social” and “public” (for another post). Let’s just say that extroverts prefer being social, while introverts prefer going public.

Sounds strange until you start thinking about it.



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