Delirium: Shivangi Shankar


Call it my fury, say, I punish
For your callous exploitation
That I cry in helpless anguish;
Halt your vivid imagination!

When I stretch, killing a few
Scared, you declare “Nemesis!
Karma! Mankind’s getting its due”
Tales of destruction, genesis.

Every drought, implies displeasure
Every flood, my rage
Self-absorbed beyond any measure
Man does, his own martyrdom stage.

What do I care for man or ape?
Did I not quake before?
Always evolving, changing shape
Ere signs of life I bore.

Attention-seeking human, you
interpret my existence at will
My resources become your due
For you the sea, the hill.

Delusional about your relevance
In denial of triviality
Baseless your arrogance
Hear nature’s reality-

I’ve been better, I’ve been worse
I’ve been wilder, more serene too.
Not my blessing, neither curse
My cycles are not for you.

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