For the lazy but interested reader

Shivangi Shankar
Nov 15, 2016 · 3 min read


A blog I nearly gave up on


A Facebook page that’s badly run


Where I read it all along


The haven for my weirdo art

Here’s the useful, Medium part ↓


(More or less in chronological order, oldest first)

I happen to be very scattered in my musings. So I loosely(and ambiguously, I think) labelled my work into poetry/fiction/opinion. You know, just in case a meter(or lack thereof) annoys you.


We are all right. Not.

Shivangi Shankar

Written by

Socially awkward extrovert. Overthinking drives me. Indecision makes me. No, it’s not okay but I’m extremely functional.


We are all right. Not.

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