Pause like

Pause like 
You’re figuring out 
Words without subtitles.
You don’t know the 
Story, what if
You miss a plot twist
Because you went on

Pause like 
you're straining 
to remember where
You've heard that tune before. 
What if you miss 
The chance to recall 
Your favourite melody

Pause like
You need to breathe
After that breathless soliloquy
It was brilliant
But you're out of ideas 
And you need to 
Refresh, without

Pause like
That moment of realisation-
"I left the stove on. 
What if my house is on fire."
Pause, and recall
before you run back,

Pause like
You’ve seen your first rainbow
Or recognised a constellation by yourself or held hands, shaking
In anticipation. 
Pause, before you wake up
To the regularity 
Of it all.


until you’re ready 
To sacrifice your


Prompt by Airplane Poetry Movement: “Pause like”

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