Bocci Avoids the Tradition in the Industrial Design

No 19

Bocci was founded in 2005. The main idea, in the beginning, was to avoid the tradition in the industrial design. Bocci designers work with glass and metal. Their main focus is to experiment and explore the material in order to find the moment of magic. Magic very often is found in accidents. For example, design piece “No 19” (a copper decorative plate) would have been impossible without spillage of the material. The copper that overspills comes into a direct contact with air while it is still hot and immediately oxidises giving this extremely rough and volcanic texture. The inside where the metal does not contact the air, the surface comes out smooth, especially when polished. Each object is different and unique because the nature of production is not fully controlled. “I see the honesty in this way of working” — says Randy Bishop

No 38. Tacofino Restaurant by Omer Arbel

Omar Arbel used “No 38” in Tacofino restaurant to question the gravity and the tradition of space decoration. Bocci lighting elements, combined with touches of greenery, hover above the tables making a plain white dining space look exciting, as if on the edge between the artificial and natural. The design gives a feeling as if nature starts to overtake the human environment.

For me, Bocci is a good example of modern design. Because of its semi-controlled process of making the pieces do not look static, they enliven the space. Each piece looks unique and free-flowing. Bocci shows an aspiration to create an environment for the material to expand and grow rather than tame the nature of it. Bocci will compliment any modern interior space with its free spirit sparkle of magic.

See the link below to customise your own Bocci design.!/random/

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