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Contribute Welcomes ETH

You asked, Contribute listened!

The community devs simplified TRIB´s purchase process and are proud to announce that, as of today, TRIB buyers have the choice to use ETH, in addition to mUSD.

This will also allow large buyers to enter TRIB using its contract, without being subjected by Uniswap’s low liquidity and slippage.

As a reminder, TRIB’s price on its bonding curve always increases or decreases by 0,000001 mUSD for each token minted or sold back to the Contribute contract. You can read more about its tokenomics here.

Note that you can always purchase using mUSD, if you prefer.

ETH will be automatically converted to mUSD and TRIB will be purchased according to its base layer tokenomics. The customary 10% entry fee will be deducted as expected.

Developers have also been busy building and they will announce exciting stuff in the coming weeks, or maybe even days…so stay tuned and join our social media to make sure you don’t miss any announcement.



Contribute (TRIB) is a decentralised capital coordination ecosystem built on Ethereum. It is designed to provide users with autonomous, immutable layer0 tokenomics to built upon.

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