The sounds of success

At Contributoria the team here uses a tool called Slack to keep in touch throughout the day. You can setup Slack notifications such as a chime that rings every time a new member joins.

It’s sort of like the little bell hanging over the door at your local bookstore that rings when people enter the shop.

Earlier this month that little chime rang for the 5,000th time since we launched just 11 months ago.

5,000 is a somewhat arbitrary number to cheer for, to be honest, but it’s a big round number — bigger than we expected to reach at this point. We were all counting down each chime from the notification bot as it got closer and closer to the 5,000th new member.

Of course, a big part of the excitement is the pace of those sounds.

For the first several months it would ring at a nice and steady pace throughout the day. Then in August the steady stream of chimes were accompanied by additional and occasional bursts of new chimes. The pace had picked up.

September and October both had a similar staccato pace to them. The sound came in bursts layered on top of the steady stream.

But November was different. November sounded more like waves on the beach, building and fading in increasing intervals, a gradual crescendo before a loud splash at the end of the month.

Of course, there’s no guarantee the waves will continue, but the signs are incredibly encouraging. We wrote recently about the 2,000 writers who have joined Contributoria. The Letter from the Editors in the December Issue includes some other numbers that indicate we’ve crossed some sort of key threshold of engagement with the members here.

The tide seems to be flowing in our favor in December, too, as the first few days of the month are already on pace to beat November.

If you’ve ever written an article that has gone viral you know how good it feels. Seeing (or hearing) people enjoy your work is incredibly satisfying.

The same is true when you’re running a digital platform. Its feels great when people use something you’ve made.

We couldn’t be more proud to provide a platform that supports independent journalism, one that seems to be growing more popular each month.

It is the holiday season, afterall. Let’s ring out the bells, everyone!

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