A Man Goes to Jail Forgetting Jury Duty

There is a man that went to jail because he forgot to show up at Jury Duty. He had a lot of things going on in his life, and there was a lot on his mind. The man was warned out and tired working hard to make a living for his family. When his sisters and brothers found out that he was in jail, everyone called each other to talk about getting him out. The man was down and weary hoping his family would come. His heart began to race. He felt as if he was going to pass out. The scared man did not want to stay in jail. However, his family finally did come to his resque. That was a blessing from the Lord.

The world is full of trials, and it can leave us with many fears. There is one thing after another. There are many out in the world like that innocent man that went to jail because he forgot to show up at jury duty. There are people that try hard in life and have to fight for everything. It seems that no good luck ever comes their way. The man was summoned to jury, and his life had been interrupted to go to court about some other man’s sorrows that was not innocent. He knew nothing about the man and was summoned to court to judge him as if he did. It seems that those kind of situations ought not to be. Sometimes we don’t have a choice. There are people living in hard times, and they pray to be set free.