Turn a Petition into a Movement

When a petition has received more than 100 signatures and has been moderated to good or above, the petition creator will automatically be given access to the events tools — allowing him or her to run a richer, more active campaign.

How can these features help support a campaign? Take a look:

  • A student creates a campaign to get more of his school’s budget allocated to the arts.
  • After gaining one hundred signatures, he schedules a strategy meeting, so that he and his supporters can plan the next steps for the campaign.
  • They decide to hold a rally to increase media and community awareness of the campaign. He’s able to add the URL of the event page to flyers posted around town and is able to collect offline signatures at the event.
  • After getting the support of the local community, the student schedules a petition hand-in event so that his supporters can join him when he presents his petition to the school board.

For all of these events, he is able to invite his current supporters to the event (pending admin approval), and once the event is moderated to approved or above, it is added to the post-signature daisy chain so that new signers are also invited.

While these are just a few examples, the petition event functionality could be used for demonstrations, media events, offline signature collection events, letter writing meetups, fundraisers, or anything else that increases the visibility and support for a cause or helps the petition creator run a more successful campaign.

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Questions about petition events? Have a great idea for how you’d use the tools? Let us know.

Originally published at controlshiftblog.tumblr.com.