Everyone Wants My Opinion About This Dark-Skinned Girl Who Said She Is Caucasian

But what caused her to think that way?

Screenshot from Dr Phil episode “I Think All Black People Are Ugly”

First off we must remember there is no such colors as black and white. It’s not part of the color spectrum. Black and white are states of mind. Clearly this teen is “White.”

Unfortunately soon as you label yourself as “black” or “white” you are agreeing to the devil’s contract to act accordingly. So if you are “black” you have to act ghetto. If you are “white” you have to act snobby and uppity. These are the labels…

The key is not to be labeled as either; but label yourself as a human being. Or label yourself as a brother or sister.

But it’s effed up how this Life Coach lady is trying to tell this girl how she should act. Well, black that is. This is what created this girl after all. She had so many bad experiences with “black” people that she totally ran the other way.

I had a hell of a time with “black” people as a child

Mainly the girls. I was called a white boy because I road a skateboard and liked heavy metal music. So in a way I see where this girl is coming from. But at the same time she is dropping some serious evil. NOW, I want you to pay attention closely to her eyes. This girl is not there. Somewhat like she was programmed, hypnotized, paid to do this perhaps? Notice the video got 5.5K likes and just 1.3 disliked (at the time of the original viewing). FIVE THOUSAND PEOPLE LIKED THIS VIDEO!

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