Suppose A Black Man Slapped The Sh** Out Of A Blackface Actor Back In the 20s?

He would be killed, but OH BOY would it have been cool!

Al Jolson screen shot from the movie “The Jazz Singer”

Imagine if a Black man were to walk up and smack the sh** out of those actors who were ‘Blackfacing’ on stage. You know, like a Three Stooges slap to all three of them. Oh what joy that would have been.




TRUE salvation is being able to do as you wish in this every day life, to speak and write freely. To be grateful that you are a chosen spirit who received the gift of living in a human body; to feel pleasures, and at times pain. When even pain is part of the life lesson!

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Survived near-death experience, now here I am. If you like my work, please join Medium through my link:

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