“I will create a world-class company with distributed supercomputing technology” —Pyo Sejin, CEO of Conun Group

Manzuram Tairova
Oct 28, 2019 · 4 min read

“My goal is to make Conun Group a world-class company with developing Distributed Super Computing platform technology. If Amazon or Alibaba were established in Korea, could they be the wolrd-class company as they are today? Companies are heavily influenced by external conditions, especially by country. However, when we complete the distributed supercomputing technology, we can become the company with the most supercomputers and become the world’s number one regardless of external conditions.”

Pyo Se-jin, chairman of the Korea-China Blockchain Association and CEO of Conun Group, emphasized the need for distributed supercomputing technology development.

“The most expensive resource is time. Being the first in creating AI or autonomous vehicles is a time battle. That’s why companies and labs around the world need supercomputers. But they can’t use it because it’s expensive.”

Mr. Pyo said, “90% of computers in domestic PC rooms are not using at the night, and we will build a platform that will collect idle resources of these computers and share them to make available to use to companies, schools, and research organizations all over the world that need them.” He was also optimistic about the commercialization of distributed supercomputing platforms.

“The performance of personal computers and mobile phones getting better, therefore, sharing only 10,000 CPUs creates a supercomputer that outperforms AlphaGo. It is much cheaper than renting a supercomputer, and the idle resource fee can be easily paid in coins, so coins will be used by many customers.”

-Where do you think distributed supercomputing technology will be used?

-Mainly, it is expected to be used for scientific computation, big data, and artificial intelligence research. It can also be used to extract big data. Using distributed supercomputing in movie production can shorten computer graphics processing time, thus significantly reducing production costs. Renting supercomputer becomes cheaper, so it can be used by small businesses and even individuals.

-What’s the strength of the Conun group over other companies developing distributed supercomputing technology?

-There are 3–4 companies worldwide developing decentralized supercomputing technologies. Conun has long been dedicated to the development of distributed supercomputing technology and has a lot of field testing experience. So it’s the strength of Conun. Distributed supercomputing is a technology for sharing idle computing resources around the world, and the experience of field testing is very important, as Each PC has a different environment.

-Is it possible to commercialize distributed supercomputing technology?

-Technology developed 20 years ago, but the internet wasn’t fast at the time. Today, home internet speeds are up to 1Gbps (1GB data transfers per second) and phones are 5G-based. It’s finally equipped with an environment for using distributed supercomputing technology.

-How do someone rent a personal smartphone resources?

-Data packets or battery problems can only be configured to work in a Wi-Fi environment at your request and shared only when the provider is not using the smartphone. The resource is utilized in idle state.

-Would individuals like to share their smartphones easily?

-I think it will become possible by offering reasonable compensation. We will pay Conun Coin to an idle resource provider. From the beginning, Conun was designed with the purpose of using coins. The level of compensation is estimated for a month’s internet charge. So, it is the same with using the internet for free forever. It’s an opportunity to make money by sleeping late at night, and there’s no reason not to provide idle resources.

In order to introduce coins into the real economy, Mr. Pyo is expanding his business scope from coin drugstores to construction, financial platform and entertainment businesses in Myanmar.

‘You can pay with Conun Coin at the DrugStore and Cafe. The cinema tickets for the movie currently being produced will also be available for purchase through Conun Coin. After two years, it will be available to purchase a house with Conun Coin.”

“We are currently making Myanmar’s Coupang (Korean online shopping platform), and we plan to make it possible for the people of Myanmar to use Conun Coin.”

-Why Myanmar?

-Korea has too much regulations. You can’t get an investment or make a profit. So I went to Myanmar.

-When do you think distributed supercomputing technology will be commercialized?

-Roadmap is to complete and commercialize technology development within 3 years. Wouldn’t having the world’s best supercomputers challenge Microsoft’s dominance?


Distributed supercomputing platform based on blockchain

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Distributed supercomputing platform based on blockchain

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