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Michael MacFadden
Convergence Labs
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2 min readJan 10, 2017

We live in a world where persistent high-speed network access is becoming prevalent across much of the globe. Where users can walk around with mobile devices containing unparalleled amounts of computing capability. Social networks, sharing economies, and network-enabled applications have warmed users up to the idea of interacting though their digital personas. This increase in global connectivity has lead to a dramatic increase in things like geographically distributed teams (e.g. remote workers), distance learning, and telemedicine.

Unfortunately, the cost and complexity of implementing highly interactive collaboration within an application is cost prohibitive for the vast majority of software teams. While much of today’s software allows users to share information (share files, post updates, exchange messages, etc.), most still does not allow users to create content together at the same time, like one would do on a large whiteboard. Collaborative applications are certainly not new, but apps like Google Docs and Sheets have brought this style of collaborative application into the public light, and users are taking notice of the much improved user experience.

At Convergence Labs we believe in a world where people can work, play, and otherwise effortlessly interact with each other regardless of location. The flow of information is getting freer every day. We need to radically change how our applications enable users to work together across physical boundaries. Whether it is helping your kids with their homework while you are on the road, developing 3D models with a colleague in another city, or collaboratively drafting a terms sheet with a potential investor. Our software must work for us how we want, when we want, and where we want. It should intuitively connect us and foster the synergistic creative process that emerges from people working together.

We have built Convergence to hasten the arrival of this vision by removing the barriers to collaborative application development. We hope developers will use Convergence to build the next generation of applications that inevitably support highly interactive, realtime collaboration, and we believe that if we are successful people’s lives will be better in ways we can’t yet imagine. A lot of startups set out determined that they can change the world in some small way. We built Convergence so you can change the world.

So if that’s a future that you believe in too, request an account and show the world what you can do.

Originally published at Convergence Labs.