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Saas Fee & the odd Ice Climbing World Cup taking place in a 10-story Car Park

The Swiss mountain resort of Saas Fee has hosted an Ice Climbing World Cup for 20 years. Nothing special there…

This ice climbing event however takes place, believe it or not, in a 10-story parking garage, which ensures a unique venue with unique spectator access in a frozen winter wonderland. Welcome in the world’s only Ice Climbing Car Park!

Ice Climbing in a Car Park

Ice climbing is an extreme sport in and of itself. The usual setting are frozen waterfalls hanging dangerously at the side of imposing mountain location. But in Saas-Fee the ice climbing is completely different as it takes place in a multi-story parking garage.

Years ago a local mountain guide had the epiphany that the circular parking garage would make for a unique ice climbing location. The circular road up towards the different floors of the parking garage would make for excellent spectator access to a sport that usually can only be observed from faraway distances. And so the Saas Fee Ice Climbing event was born.

Taking place inside of an enormous multi-story car parking lot, the athletes have to climb through the structure to finish up side down above a huge crowd that sides onto the car parks ten floors.

As you can see the ice climbing championships at the Saas Fee parking garage is an amazing opportunity to watch national and international elite athletes up close, and to experience the relaxed atmosphere of the ice climbing scene! You can literally enjoy a hot chocolate or Glühwein (Malt Wine) while watching a world-class event that is even more unique than it is impressive. Highly recommended to be put on your bucketlist

For more peculiar ice adventures and events have a look at our ‘ Ice Adventure Gallery ‘. There is plenty of fun snow and ice events that will blow your mind.

Originally published at on September 26, 2020.




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