Convergence Finance Join Hands with Lithium Finance to Price Illiquid Assets

  • The partnership allows Convergence to leverage Lithium’s collective intelligence mechanism to price illiquid exotic assets more effectively.
  • The price discovery process of private assets in the Convergence system is expected to improve significantly with the help of Lithium.

Convergence Finance is thrilled to announce the partnership with Lithium Finance, the first on-chain pricing oracle to regularly price illiquid private assets using collective intelligence.

Lithium Finance is powered by the DMI mechanism or Determinant-based Mutual Information mechanism. This method allows participants to seek pricing information on specific private assets and incentivized pricing providers to give accurate and honest answers.

This partnership is a critical part of bridging the gap between the private assets and the DeFi space because there will be no trade of private assets when they cannot be priced correctly and reasonably.

Oscar Yeung, Co-Founder of Convergence Finance, said, “A cutting edge private asset pricing oracle marries with an innovative private asset offering and trading platform, this partnership makes Convergence and Lithium a perfect duo in the DeFi space. We are truly excited about the partnership with Lithium.”

Steve Derezinski, Co-Founder of Lithium Finance, added that “Convergence will be the first real application of Lithium Finance, and it will put years of academic research into real action. We can foresee the synergy between Lithium and Convergence will be huge, and this partnership could set an excellent example to showcase how powerful this technology can be.”

About Convergence Finance

Convergence is the first AMM to make private token interchangeable in the DeFi space by fractionalizing them using a single easy-to-use interface and composable with other DeFi protocols. Convergence enables originators to take advantage of DeFi’s liquidity, while DeFi users can access exotic private exposure unavailable to them before. Convergence Finance combines the edge of a lowered investment entry barrier with the liquidity, automation, and transparency features of DeFi to bring exclusive investment exposure to all DeFi users.

Official Links:

Website / Discord / Telegram / Twitter / Litepaper

About Lithium Finance

Lithium Finance is the first collective-intelligence pricing oracle to give precise and timely pricing on private, illiquid assets. It rewards analysts who provide truthful information and punish those who offer false pricing data. As a result, Lithium’s users will get the pricing for all hard-to-value assets such as pre-IPO stocks, private equity, and other illiquid assets effectively.

Official Links:

Website / Telegram / Twitter / Litepaper



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