A Retail Brand Achieves 500% ROAS: Conversational Advertising Case Study by Eyelevel.ai

How a Major Mens Fitness Apparel Brand Launched a Conversational Advertising Campaign and Achieved 500% R.O.A.S. in Two Weeks

The Client

This American Brand, producing and selling men’s sport and activewear to high income, active men between the ages of 25 and 50 years of age began to work with Eyelevel.ai with the hopes of finding new customers for their spring and summer lines.

Beautiful Conversational Design by Eyelevel.ai

The Challenge

In a hyper-competitive men’s athletic apparel market, competition is always high and the price to acquire a new customer has traditionally been an expensive, moving target, especially every year during the spring & summer season. This brand needed an advertising partner that could efficiently locate men who were athletic and active and were responsive to a new brand and a new style.

Conversational Advertising by Eyelevel.ai

The Request

Eyelevel.ai was initially asked to deliver a conversational test campaign that would target active men and deliver positive ROAS over a two week period. The results of that campaign would form the basis to evaluate Eyelevel.ai for a much larger campaign for the Spring and Summer season. This client was particularly interested in seeing if the Eyelevel.ai publisher network contained their target audience.

Eyelevel.ai in action 2x speed

The Eyelevel.ai Approach

Though the client clearly stated they wanted a target audience of men within a particular age bracket, our approach was to test five audience segments with 6 different conversational flows, to filtering out uninterested shoppers and buyers. We suspected that in widening the target audience but adding additional steps to actually interact with the promotion, we would unlock an unknown segment that could be potential buyers.

We tested each segment over a two week time period. We didn’t look for direct conversion to sale as the primary KPI, rather their engagement and enthusiasm levels and time spent and return visits, to understand which of these segments were engaging with the brand the most.

Next, we adjusted messaging to the high engaging segments and monitored their engagement levels through this adjustment. The result, we identified a whole new segment — that the actual target audience is Male, 25–35 married. With this newfound segment, the client immediately adjusted their messaging to reach this audience and Eyelevel continued to engage this audience in conversation applications & chatbots that could easily interact with this newly found segment.

The Results

A huge lift in engagement, 500% ROAS and a strategic shift in the target audience leading to a newly discovered segment willing and ready to purchase men’s athletic apparel online

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