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Best Practices in Conversational AI

Conversational AI is the natural evolution of Human Computer Interaction

Why chatbots or voice assistants?

Conversational AI is an iterative process

Choosing the initial use cases

Building and Training NLP Models

Analyzing historical data for Intents

Leveraging crowdsourced or pre-made models

Creating a great user experience

Educate during onboarding

Leverage context and personalization

Fail gracefully

Provide a means to escalate

Consider personality and branding

Handle common messages

Collect feedback

Generate awareness

Integrating with backends

Testing, monitoring, and measurement

Testing prior to launch

Monitor mishandled and unhandled Intents

Identify common themes in Intents and messages

Dive deeper through transcripts

Measure customer satisfaction

Monitor and measure conversions and escalations




Learn insights and best practices in conversational AI, chatbots, and voice assistants

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Arte Merritt

Chatbot, Voice Assistant, and AI Entrepreneur; Conversational AI partnerships at AWS; Former CEO/Co-founder Dashbot