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As the community starts to emerge from shelter-in-place, here are a list of events in the Conversational AI, Chatbot, and Voice Assistant space.

If you have any suggestions on events to add, please fill out the event form.


VentureBeat Transform
July 12–16, 2021

Chatbot Summit
July 14–15, 2021

Alexa Live
July 21, 2021


Ai4 2021
Aug 17–19, 2021

The Voice of Healthcare Summit
Aug 19, 2021


AI & Big Data Expo
Sept 6–7, 2021
London, England

Re-Work Deep Learning Summit
Sept 22–23, 2021

The AI Summit
Sept 22–23, 2021
London, England


Shift/CX Chatbots and Conversational Marketing
Oct 6, 2021

World Summit AI
Oct 13–14, 2021
Amsterdam, Netherlands (and online)

Re-Work Conversational AI Summit
(sub events: Banking, HR, Retail, Telco)
Oct 20–21, 2021

Project Voice X
Oct 25–27, 2021
Fort Walton Beach, FL


The AI Summit (6th Annual)
Nov 3–4, 2021
Santa Clara, CA

The Voice of Money
Nov 10, 2021
New York, NY

Voice Connected Business Europe
Nov 11–12, 2021
Frankfurt, Germany

8th World Machine Learning & Deep Learning Conference
Nov 15–16, 2021
Barcelona Spain


Voice of Gaming
Dec 1, 2021
Austin, TX

Voice Summit
Dec 6–9, 2021
Arlington, VA

The AI Summit
Dec 8–9, 2021
New York, NY




Learn insights and best practices in conversational AI, chatbots, and voice assistants

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Arte Merritt

Arte Merritt

Chatbot, Voice Assistant, and AI Entrepreneur; Conversational AI partnerships at AWS; Former CEO/Co-founder Dashbot

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