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Conversational AI in Travel & Hospitality

The art of being hospitable

Why conversational AI?

Customer care and customer support are at the core of the Travel & Hospitality industry. The key piece is being hospitable — taking care of your customers and your business. Brands show value and differentiate themselves based on their level of customer care. For example, a high-end luxury brand will provide higher levels of concierge service.

Handling complexity

While enterprises across industries tend to start with high volume, low complexity tasks, there are use cases in Travel and Hospitality that may appear relatively straight-forward, but are quite complex behind the scenes. These use cases, while harder to implement, given disparate data sources and complex rules, are worth doing.

Personalization is key

Context and personalization are key to a better customer experience. The bar in Travel and Hospitality is quite high. As Andrei explains, when a customer contacts a company, the company needs to know who they are and the context — whether they booked a flight or hotel already and why they might be calling.

Multimodal choice

Conversational AI solutions are part of omni-channel, multi-modal customer engagement platforms.

Human agents are important

Chatbots and virtual assistants are not meant to completely displace human agents. As Max indicates, conversational AI can take on the high volume, low complexity tasks, leaving human agents to do things only humans can do — handling the more complex issues. This helps reduce the stress on the agents, not having to answer the same question every time.

The power of words

As conversational AI experiences continue to improve and advance, there is more interest in fine tuning the conversation to be more empathetic.

A hyper-personalized future

Our panelists all see the level of personalization in conversational AI going even further for Travel and Hospitality.



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