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The art of being hospitable

Conversational AI in the travel & hospitality industry

Meeting the customer where they are

Conversational AI solutions, like chatbots, voice assistants, and IVR enable travel and hospitality businesses to provide a better customer experience — and be more hospitable. As Sherry Comes of PWC indicates, these solutions help with meeting the travelers where they are, and letting them interact on the channels they prefer, 24/7 — whether it is talking, typing, or tapping.

Improving both customer and employee experiences

When it comes to use cases in travel and hospitality, there are solutions for both consumers and employees.

Context and personalization are key to hospitality

Context and personalization go hand-in-hand with hospitality and effective conversation AI.

The role of generative AI

Large language models (LLMs), ChatGPT, and generative AI are getting quite a bit of press right now. ChatGPT, in particular, is helping drive broader awareness for LLMs and generative AI. It is an exciting time for conversational AI!

Measuring success

While travel and hospitality enterprises are implementing conversational AI solutions to provide a better customer experience, they are also implementing the solutions to achieve business goals.

The future of Conversational AI

When it comes to the future of conversational AI, our panelists see a bright future.



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Arte Merritt

Chatbot, Voice Assistant, and AI Entrepreneur; Conversational AI partnerships at AWS; Former CEO/Co-founder Dashbot