Deploying Med Info Chatbots: Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions

Jul 30, 2020 · 3 min read

It has been an exciting month presenting to global Medical Information teams on the deployment of conversational AI solutions. Text and voice chatbots deliver an on-demand, compliant and expert interface between brands and their customers. They can also provide on and off-label support, manage the complexities of AE awareness, and keep HCPs engaged. From our discussions — here are the top 5 frequently asked questions & our answers when looking at deploying a Med Info chatbot:

Yes, of course. Some clients have experienced 10X increases in web traffic pre- and post-chatbot integration, and chatbot utilization has significantly increased through the pandemic. This is a function of the value of the conversational AI in helping HCPs help themselves, i.e. self service, but also manufacturers making their chatbots visible and accessible to customers.

Yes, there is great depth and breadth of metrics to be sourced from a conversational AI platform, in aggregate, within individual sessions, and even at intent level. All in real time. Crucially, Med Info teams have access to full transcripts from their chatbot, i.e. questions asked, answered and, even, those not anticipated which re-inform medical and/or commercial activity.

This is an important question. As chatbots begin “speaking” on behalf of manufacturers and brands, it’s imperative that their conversations be accurate, current and compliant. This requires a platform that can meet the vigorous requirements of Medical, Regulatory, Legal, Pharmacovigilance and IT teams. GxP compliance is certainly a prerequisite for any global solution.

Not at all. Different manufacturers have different requirements, e.g. smaller ones have fewer products to support, larger ones more. Chatbots are also applied across lines of business, product portfolios, language and regions accordingly. We work with both smaller specialty pharmaceuticals companies who are very digital, and global manufacturers who leverage the technology alongside humans.

In short, conversations are adapted from market to market, but the underlying conversational strategy and training data sets are much the same. This may mean amending, creating or deleting conversations from, say, a global conversation set. These are translated and re-approved through local MLR and regulatory bodies. For our platform, “localised” conversation flows are layered onto the “global” platform for cost leverage (decreased) and NLU accuracy (increased).

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