Celebrating Women’s Wealth Day — Real Estate Millionaire Noelle Randall to appear on New Series “Millionaire Within Her”

In the words of “Millionaire Within Her” host Kristi Frank, “Wealth can be your new chosen destiny too.”

Noelle Randall has been a thriving entrepreneur for over 20 years and was recently recognized as one of the top 50 women entrepreneurs to watch for 2021 and as one of the top women leaders in real estate. She is a successful real estate entrepreneur, renowned children’s author, author of bestseller “Real Estate Millionaire Secrets”, mentor and speaker. Her diverse business experience has been instrumental in her personal success, as well as the success of countless real estate professionals throughout the United States. Noelle is the founder and president of FDR Horizon Enterprises, a private real estate equity firm and brand manager. The company owns a diverse portfolio of real estate and has created numerous profitable and top-selling brands. She is also the owner of Nuurez, Inc., a next generation provider of alternative real estate solutions, which raised over $1.4 million dollars in initial investments, and was publicly endorsed by Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington.

A hot, new online series curated by Women for Women, will air online June 8th targeting the topics of worth and wealth. From well-known celebrities to “stay-at-home” moms, the world’s leading women will gather to openly reveal what they know about acquiring wealth by sharing what they’ve gone through. — Hosted by Celebrity Entrepreneur Kristi Frank

Click HERE for the official new trailer for “Millionaire Within Her” Interested viewers can sign up for free access to the episodes HERE

Orlando-based real estate investor and Founder of Nuurez, Inc., Noelle Randall (top 30 entrepreneurs to watch in 2021, top women leaders in real estate), will guest appear in a new online series “Millionaire Within Her” launching on June 8th at 9 p.m. EST / 6 p.m., the first annual Women’s Wealth Day. The 9-part series hosted by Celebrity Entrepreneur Kristi Frank (star of NBC’s Season #1 of “The Apprentice”) gathers the world’s leading women to candidly discuss worth and wealth, and what they’ve experienced on their trajectory to millions.

“The only difference between a wealthy woman and a poor woman — is [that] the wealthy woman believed she deserved it,” said Kine Corder, CEO of Presidential Lifestyle, in her episode. The new series will feature well-known celebrity names such as Elena Cardone, Forbes Riley, Gloria Mayfield Banks, Lisa Romano, and others, to the stay-at-home moms turned business gurus like Rachel Miller of Moolah Marketer, and social media coach Jessica Higdon.

“So many times we think the cards are stacked against us because we look this way, or we have this race or we have this gender, or this obstacle that we’ve made up — and there are so many people that would love to see us be a success, and would love to help us,” said Noelle Randall as she doles out wealth advice in the series trailer. The leading real estate investor, along with the others dish out their tips, tricks and inspiration in order to amplify this life-changing movement for women who want wealth.

VIP viewers will have the chance to hear inspiring tips and strategies from others just like Noelle, watch the series live with the experts, engage in an intimate Q&A session following the airing, and participate in mentorship and coaching.



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Chandra Gore

Chandra Gore


Principal Consultant & Publicist for Chandra Gore Consulting. Author, Speaker, Producer, Community Organizer and Festival Founder — Serial Entrepreneur