Media Personality Raven Paris provides the Blueprint to Entrepreneurship

“I was taught to lift as I climb so that my business can help change the lives of generations to come. Many people want to build successful companies but have no idea where to start because society does not teach us the basic skills to thrive as an entrepreneur.” — Raven Paris

Raven Paris is not new to being on the grind. This Multimedia Journalist, entrepreneur, and author has become nationally-known within her industry and is now ready to give other entrepreneurs the tools to do the same through her new book, The Game Changer: Start Up Kit to Become or Sustain Entrepreneurship.” Raven has worked as a freelance journalist for platforms such as TMZ, DEF JAM, VICE, REVOLT, and BET, and has been afforded the opportunity to interview powerhouses like Oprah, Omari Hardwick, Estelle, Mona Scott Young, and Tyler Perry, among others. Additionally, Raven has curated and hosted multiple panel discussions, industry showcases, youth conferences, and women empowerment events, to name a few.

Recently, launching her brand consulting company to help others develop a well-rounded and marketable brand of their own. Releasing her workbook The Game Changer: Start Up Kit to Become or Sustain Entrepreneurship.” Raven will be helping even more entrepreneurs develop their brands and businesses. During a recent Q&A, she shared with me the obstacles she faced, her start and words of advice.

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As a Millennial Entrepreneur what obstacles have you faced in launching your business?

As a Millennial Entrepreneur there are many obstacles I’ve had to face when launching my business(s). For starters, being a millennial entrepreneur is already a challenge, but being a woman of color in a male dominated industry adds another set of challenges. There is a consistent fight to diminish the typical stereotypes of being a women in the entertainment industry and working even harder to ensure that my talents are taken seriously. In many cases, I had to build my own tables and pull up seats for other women of color in the industry. Another obstacle I’ve had to face as a millennial entrepreneur were finances. Many of us are not as fortunate to have business loans or investors as a small/start-up business. I had to hustle three times harder to fund my business and become my own investor by working multiple jobs at a time.

What inspired your start in the media?

As a teenager, I started pursuing a career in modeling and acting where I developed interviewing skills, learned how to do make-up and hair, acquired runway techniques, and learned a lot of acting and image development skills that prepared me for the industry I’m in today. TV personality, La La Anthony, was also a huge inspiration in my love for the entertainment industry. I remember I used to rush home from school every day to watch her on TRL with aspirations of one day becoming a radio or television personality myself.

I wanted to go to college as a Communications major, but my mother had other plans for me. In 2015, I graduated from Morgan State University as a Social Work major but my desire for being in the entertainment industry never went away, so I created an internet radio show called Love the Culture Radio. Based on the exposure I gained from Love the Culture Radio, doors opened to the many other platforms and organizations I’ve been blessed to work with such as Revolt, TMZ, BET, Deleon Tequila, to name a few.

What words of advice would you share with those who are on the fence on starting their own business?

  1. Faith without work is dead. — James 2:26.
  2. The power is IN you so whatever you want is always within reach! There is only one you, so once you tap into yourself and find your niche you will be able to pitch and sell yourself/your business to anyone.
  3. Do not feel pressured by society to quit your job and solely focus on your new business just so you can classify as a “full-time entrepreneur”. For your business to grow, you must have consistent income to purchase your company products or put marketing behind your ideas. Sometimes this mean that you still need your 9–5 to continuously invest back into your business.
  4. One of the most essential components of your business plan is your marketing strategy. The amount of time you put into branding and strategizing will determine how successful you become.

What can readers expect to gain through this book?

The Game Changer: Start Up Kit to Become or Sustain Entrepreneurship workbook teaches you several different marketing techniques that will assist you in creating tangible results for your business. I guide you step-by-step through your initial branding process, starting with self-discovery that readers can observe and analyze themselves in order to grow as a person. Who you are personally shows up in who you are professionally. Readers can also expect to learn how to actually build a brand and questions they need to keep in mind when launching their brand and making it stand out. Additionally, I teach them how to utilize techniques such as the art of persuasion to create effective marketing campaigns while being resourceful. Lastly, readers will learn the modern formats of branding such as social media marketing, tracking analytics, creating your personal and professional bios, goal setting and completing your business plan.

Your book provides a self-reflection component for the reader to identify strengths and weaknesses. How do you think internal reflection supports business growth?

Internal reflection plays a huge role in brand building. Understanding who you are now and who you would like to become helps you identify the steps that you need to take on your journey to becoming successful. More importantly, once you are aware of self, no one can hold you back except for you.

5 steps that need to be completed before launching your business:

  1. WRITE OUT your vision, your mission and your key objectives.
  2. Handle your legal business (copyrighting, trademarking, tax ID/EIN numbers, etc.).
  3. Get your website created and social media accounts set up.
  4. Have a serious marketing plan and strategy! I highly suggest you hire a Digital Marketing Strategist.
  5. Make sure all branding material is ready before you launch (product branding, logos, service/rate sheets, etc.).

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