Meet Army Veteran Argentina Harris

Beauty Innovator, and Client Advocate

I spoke with Army Veteran Argentina Harris, Beauty Innovator, and Client Advocate. Having created the 60 Second Clip N Go Hair Topper ™ as a styling solution for clients experiencing hair loss. The topper addresses concerns that clients have of being confined to a full head wig, the tedious install process, and the discomfort of the hair loss is “on display” during the in-person salon visit. Tina has created the customizable hair topper to fit the specific measurement of the impacted area, blend with the current hairstyling, and, most importantly, allow a DIY install that can be completed by the client in the comfort of their own home.

The topper was just the beginning of the solutions that Tina wanted to offer to women impacted by hair loss. She is currently working on a hair care product line for both maintenances of the topper and the client’s hair. She is passionate about the mental health impact of hair loss and ensuring that the client’s voice is heard during salon visits. A goal of Styles On Top Beauty is to provide a holistic space that will include shopping for units, on-site styling, and interaction with a mental health professional.

What inspired you to create a product to support women impacted by hair loss and thinning hair?

I was inspired to create a unique solution for women for several reasons. One of the reasons is that I frequently witnessed the impact of hair loss. As a stylist, I saw clients with hair loss ranging from minor to severe and they often shared with me the emotional and mental toll it caused. Many women immediately turned to wigs to help restore a sense of normalcy to their hair styling regimen. And while wigs are a common solution, ladies complained about the constraints of wearing a wig, such as; their whole head being covered, needing a professional for install or the use of glue and adhesives. The topper addresses those concerns with customizable sizing, DIY install, and the use of combs or clips to secure it in place. If adhesive is required, use is very minimal.

How did you feel when your product was approved as a hair prosthetic vendor?

I felt accomplished when I was approved as a hair prosthetic vendor. I had originally attempted to partner with the VA as a vendor about 8 years ago as a custom wigmaker, but it never came together. This time around, we had originally requested to present the option to female veterans, but due to guidelines, it turned into me presenting to the team that approves vendors. The saying goes, “there’s a time and place for everything”. That rings true in my situation because I was approved after I created the 60 Second Clip N Go Hair TopperT.

What steps did you take to create your product?

The 60 Second Clip N Go Hair Topper™ is the result of my efforts to find a solution for myself. For years I had been thinking of a way that I could preserve the health of my hair, add length, volume, and color while saving time without using toxic materials and ingredients. And one day I just decided to get started on creating a custom unit. I didn’t sketch out anything nor did I give it too much thought. The first try was a success. It turned out so well to my surprise. I created a base made from special materials focused on durability and reducing allergic reactions with most options being short to medium-length styles. All the customer has to do is provide their measurements and select a style.

Will you be assisting others who have served in the military who suffer from hair loss and thinning hair?

I hope to have the opportunity to work with veterans and those who currently serve. Being a veteran myself, I am familiar with the challenges women face when it comes to hairstyling options and finding a professional who can address their needs. For many current and former personnel, traveling can limit the availability and access to reputable beauty professionals for veterans. With 60 Second Clip N Go Hair TopperTM, they wouldn’t have to worry about that. So I look forward to offering my product as an option for those individuals.

What has been the response/reception of your product?

The response to my custom units has been overwhelmingly great! Women are excited to learn about and try a product that can “free” them from wigs and the feelings of hopelessness that hair loss brings. The feedback I receive from many of the women is encouraging because my only goal was to create something to help women feel more like their old selves. Something that can restore the dignity lost during their hair transition and provide a sense of security. I get a lot of repeat clients who try different styles, textures, and colors. The toppers provide freedom they sometimes lose during their hair transition.

How common are hair loss and thinning hair among women and/or men?

Hair loss is very common among men and women of all races and nationalities. Most male pattern baldness is hereditary but for women, hair loss can have various causes to include medical, hormonal, stress, heredity, and more. Hair loss is also a part of the natural aging process and many will experience some form of hair loss in their lifetime, therefore all licensed professionals should be equipped to offer hair replacement options to their clients.

Growing up in the Carolinas, Bennettsville, South Carolina, and High Point, North Carolina — respectively, Her introduction to the Dudley Beauty Brand is what sealed the deal for her. As a client at the local beauty school or seeing the vibrant colors that Dudley introduced to the beauty industry or even interacting with the door-to-door sales representatives, she knew that she wanted to get her career started through the Dudley Beauty School system. Upon graduation from high school, she enlisted in the US Army and later enrolled in cosmetology school at night. After her enlistment, she relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina, and finished her cosmetology program at Dudley Beauty School in 1994.

Over the next 20 years, she admits that her beauty career was more of a side hustle but it led her to where she needed to be. During this time, she began to make wigs in 2006 as well as build different relationships with her clients to understand their hair care needs. If you understand walking in your purpose then you understand timing. In 2014 when she became a full-time beauty professional with Styles On Top Beauty, she also continued to make wigs and units for her clients that were experiencing hair loss. She has also volunteered with the American Cancer Society, Atrium Health, and Look Good Feel Better to present workshops on hair loss, the benefits of wearing units, and confidence-building activities.

The journey to this point has not always been clear-cut; however, Tina shares her favorite scripture Jeremiah 29:11 which states “‘For I Know The Plans I Have For You’ Declares the Lord,’ Plans to Prosper You and Not to Harm You, Plans to Give You Hope and a Future. ‘” This keeps her on the path she has been called to when she feels that she is losing her way.

Learn more about her by visiting her website




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