Meet Entertainment Publicist and TV/Film Producer, Love Logan

If you find yourself not achieving your goals, don’t be afraid to take a different approach. — Love Logan

Holding her own in the entertainment industry, Love Logan represents the beauty of what it truly means to have an independent mind. As a professional Publicist, Publisher, Show Runner, Executive Producer, and accomplished Entrepreneur, Love Logan remains diligent in maintaining her position as an innovator.

Always one to think “in the red zone” and never afraid to push it to the limit, Love Logan is a savvy risk-taker always assertive in being the one to lead the way to success.

​Love’s career in the Entertainment Industry began as early as 2001. Since then, she has worked at ABC-NBC WTWC-WTXL in master control, sales, and production; Cumulus Broadcasting as Creative Web Consultant and as an on-air Entertainment News personality; Bad Boy Entertainment in Promotions; Warner Music Group in Digital Media and Marketing; and Sony Music Entertainment in Marketing and Promotions. In Fall 2011, VH1 did a professional profile showcasing her industry expertise on Season 4 of their hit record-breaking show Basketball Wives. In May 2013, Love was featured as an expert celebrity publicist in Black Enterprise, Don Diva Magazine, WBKS1 Radio, Hot 97.1, and Power 105.1 followed by a professional profile in 2021 in and Medium. In 2018, Love Logan Executive Produced “First Lady” an Indie urban film starring rapper Jim Jones, Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander (Flavor of Love), Royce Reed (Basketball Wives), Comedian Mike Bonner, & Julius Washington (Drive Angry). 2019, Love Logan Produced the pilot episode for the TV series “The Probe” starring Clifton Powell, Gary Anthony Sturgis (Daddy’s Girls), Trey Chaney (Saints and Sinners), J.D. Williams (Saints and Sinners), Jasmine Burke (Saints and Sinners), emcee Gillie da Kid, and Dennis White (Notorious). In August 2020, Love Logan Co-Executive Produced the horror thriller “Call Time” featuring actor Marcus Paulk, rapper Babs Bunny (Making the Band), Royce Reed (Basketball Wives), and YouTube sensation Tyrone Magnus. Currently, Love Logan is in postproduction for horror-thriller “Caroltyn” slated for release in early 2022 starring actors Danny Trejo, Eric Roberts, Bill Cobbs, Tray Chaney, and Bill Oberst Jr. Both of these films were produced with lead producer James Hunter and his company 1st Dibz Entertainment. Having recently just wrapped on the newest urban action/drama, “Scam City” (1st Dibz Entertainment ), Love Logan and her company take the reigns on leading the film to media success. These projects are just a small drop in the bucket in consideration of all of the projects she has in the works including three reality show pilots with critically acclaimed celebrities that are in pre-production and negotiations with networks, celebrity charity galas, and celebrity basketball games, and touring.

Recently, Love has stepped into the tech space forming an online conference Brands Meet the World with partner Erica Lane as well as a couple of apps geared to educate and prepare new arrivals to the industry and shake up the way business is conducted in the entertainment space.

Furthermore, the sum of her experience and accomplishments has made her a sought-after industry speaker at many universities. The years prior to COVID, Love presided on many panels alongside other respected professionals such as MC Lyte, Doug E. Fresh, CBS Journalist Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson, and BET’s VP Vicky Free, at Shaw University, Johnson C. Smith University, Harris‐Stowe State University, & North Carolina A&T University. With print, television, film, radio, and label experience backing her, Love Logan is the best to ever do it.

Now if we can, I’d like to go way back for a little while. Where did you grow up?

I was born in Newark, NJ where I resided until the age of three. I grew up in Bloomfield, NJ. I had a great life growing up in the suburbs. Bloomfield is a mixed community with affluent hardworking individuals.

What inspired your entrepreneurial journey or event?

My parents were the first examples of the freedom that entrepreneurship could provide. They have a janitorial and paper supply business that has been in operation for almost forty years servicing city halls, police precincts, daycares, and more. They also owned several laundromats. I enjoyed the fact that they could make their own schedule, call the shots, and vacation at their leisure. Once I had gained a wealth of experience in the entertainment industry working in nearly all areas of the business, taking the step to become an entrepreneur to monetize those skills to build my own brand, just made sense.

Tell me about what problem your business solves?

Love Logan Productions (LLP) is a full-service media, print, production, and public relations firm that handles PR for a host of clients which include but are not limited to Reality TV stars, A-­List Actors, Models, Recording Artists, Athletes, Corporations, and Non-Profits. We offer the best PR services when it comes to communications, marketing, and branding. As a result to our dedication to our clients we are able to keep up with the top PR firms in the league and treat our clients with such honor and distinction that it remains clear in our performance that “the sky ain’t the ceiling.” LLP is an expert in cyphering the true essence of our clients from the malarkey that makes the news. We go above and beyond to refute damaging claims and to take solid measures to protect their image. When it comes to our services, whether we’re building a brand, upholding an established reputation, birthing an image, or promoting an event, we offer the best in strategy and techniques to keep our clients relevant and visible. On the production side, LLP is able to bring your cinematic dreams to the big screens. We create treatments, budgets, and help our clients every step of the way from pre to post-production. LLP provides a variety of additional services such as book publication, distribution, and marketing. LLP takes the lead in being a full-service outlet to cater to all of your entertainment needs. Love Logan Productions is grounded on integrity, results, and long-­‐term client relationships. Above all, our impression can be found on many successful initiatives and we take honor in providing our continuous support.

What do you define as a failure?

A failure is when you have something in your heart that you want to accomplish but you let something trivial and temporary stand in the way. That blockage can be a series of closed doors, insecurity, or the fear of actually being successful. Failure is the step before success so when you give up on your goals, you give up on yourself.

What have you felt you have failed at? What might you have done to prevent those failures?

In the past, I have failed at fearlessly striving to be the best version of myself. Sometimes it’s possible to be so great that you intimidate yourself. You can see an opportunity and will let your doubt or the fear of what heightened responsibilities may come with reaching that next level of greatness may require, keep you from taking that leap. In hindsight, I would have pushed myself to take better advantage of opportunities that I passed on because at the time everything felt like it was happening too quickly and I allowed myself to be overwhelmed. While we’re on this subject, I think it’s important to note that I don’t regret any of my failures because it definitely shaped me and made me more introspective. I have learned many valuable lessons through my failures and consider those failures a badge of experience. Had I not experienced what it was like to fail, I would never be as grateful as I am today for every opportunity, every kind gesture, every new relationship, or contact. To borrow a quote from the late great Maya Angelou, “You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.”

What kind of impact do you want your service to leave on your client?

I want those who have the opportunity of retaining my services whether it be for Public Relations or for TV/Film production to walk away feeling accomplished and inspired by my professionalism and dedication to their brand/project.

What is your why? Why did you start your journey?

Why not? We only have one chance at this thing called life. We owe it to ourselves to make the most of it. The world is so full of talented people so you will always have to give it more than 100% to leave your mark on this world. Whatever it is you decide to do in life, do it great, do it well, and do it aiming for epic results. Why did I start my journey? To leave a legacy and a footprint to show the world that I was here. As time passed my “why” evolved. Now my driving force is my family. I had an amazing life growing up and I want to exceed the level of privilege my parents provided for me by providing an even more privileged life for them through my success.

What hurdles did you personally face and how did you overcome them?

My story isn’t any different than many others who have come before me. The entertainment industry is stressful and mentally exhausting. Even with that said, the biggest hurdle I’ve ever faced has been with myself. Depression is real and there are many things that can trigger it. Even at the highest points in my career when you would be expected to be your happiest or on top of the world, in those moments I found myself mentally at my lowest. The stress and the mental wear and tear from reaching those high points would be so overwhelming that I would find myself emotionally and mentally unable to celebrate or to be happy. Recovering from depression was a journey by itself because it still comes and goes unexpectedly. To overcome those periods of depression, I try to surround myself with people who always inspire me and can relate to me on an industry level because they can understand how taxing such an industry can be. I also make a point of taking care of my physical health. Working out can be an amazing stress reliever. Many aspects of life are reflective. If your environment and physical appearance are unkempt, then it comes as no surprise when you find your mental and emotional health in the same state of disarray. Thus keeping a tight reign on my physical well-being helps tremendously with curbing the bouts of depression.

Do you feel your product met the needs of the market at the time of conception? Does it still?

Absolutely. Brand building is timeless. The beauty of Public Relations is that it’s essential to most people who have aspirations of fame.

When did you realize entrepreneurship was right for you?

I knew I had many talents and couldn’t identify a 9–5 that would allow me to accommodate all of them so entrepreneurship was the only option. Working in nearly every facet of the entertainment industry, I learned that many components are needed to help a client reach those “A-list” dreams. You literally need a machine behind you. A manager, agent, publicist, photographer, etc. The question became, “How can I cater to all of those needs and be a one-stop-shop?” The answer was simple; start my own company and provide all of those services to fill the gaps.

What advice do you have for entrepreneurs and small business owners who may not be achieving their goals?

If you find yourself not achieving your goals, don’t be afraid to take a different approach. Sometimes we have to reinvent ourselves or figure out a way to make an old idea look new. Create a demand for your services. Find out what it is that people need and develop a way to provide that to them. Advertisement is key. Who cares if you have a great product if no one knows about it. Identify your audience and advertise in that space. Interaction and visibility are key. People are known to patronize people they know and trust. Build a familiarity with your target customers. Social media is a great tool for this. Be present and responsive. Create content to keep them interested and to remain at the forefront of their minds that you can provide something they desire. Show appreciation. A thank you can still go a long way. Create campaigns that celebrate and recognize your loyal clients/following. And most importantly, stay humble. Having a thriving business is a blessing. Never take that for granted. Sow back into the same community and people who have supported you and watch the blessings flow.

What would you say is your most driving motivation to keep doing what you to do?

My parents. They are everything to me. They have been the best examples of where drive, determination, and consistency can take you. They have always preached the importance of being the best at whatever you do and to always strive for a new level of greatness. My parents always had the motto, “If you work at McDonald’s flipping burgers, you should be striving to one day OWN a McDonald’s. When you buy your first house, you should be striving to buy the whole block.”

What are you most excited or passionate about? (In both business and life or both)

I’m passionate about creating great films and new content for TV. There are so many stories that need to be told that could help a lot of people. I’m excited to have the resources to be able to finally tell these stories through producing.

What are the goals you most want to accomplish in your business? What are the goals that you hold personally?

I have recently opened a Tampa office for my company in addition to my other two offices in NY and LA. My goal is to go international and open an office in the UK.

Did you have any key mentors or people who deeply influenced who you are, what you believe in and what you’re committed to in your work and life? Tell me about them.

My first mentors were my parents. However, as an adult, I met some extraordinary people along the way who took me under their wing. First, Mel Smith, who was the SVP of Promotions at Bad Boy Entertainment when we met. He instantly saw something in me that made him want to keep me close. He has dropped so many valuable jewels and has sown into my life in many different ways. Then there’s Monica Alexander who is a veteran publicist and played a major role in guiding my steps when I first started my own company with her wisdom in best practices. Erica Lane who’s a former Publicist and current Sponsorship Guru has impacted my life in unexpected ways. Her vast knowledge on many topics, her spirituality, and her welcoming nature has gotten me through many rough moments in my career and I’m forever grateful. Lastly, there’s James Hunter, my producing partner and CEO of 1st Dibz Entertainment. Although we met only a few years ago, its like we’ve known each other forever. His loyalty is indisputable, his drive can’t be matched, and his heart is solid. We’ve worked on several projects together and with every new venture, he manages to raise the bar. Although I came to the table with my own experiences, he pushes me to better not just in business but in life as a whole. I value everyone who has touched my life and taken a vested interest in me. They have all become much more than just mentors or people who have influenced me. They have become family.

What’s next for you in your business/brand? What can readers look forward to from you?

A film my company co-produced with James Hunter of 1st Dibz Entertainment called Call Time: The Finale was just released on April 20, 2021, on VOD. The DVD will be available for online purchase on May 11, 2021.

Coming later this year, Love Logan Productions and 1st Dibz film will be releasing horror-thriller Caroltyn featuring Actors Danny Trejo, Eric Roberts, Bill Cobbs, Bill Oberst Jr., and Tray Chaney. In addition to those productions, LLP will be stepping into the tech space this year with the launch of an app that will be an entertainment industry game-changer with business partner Erica Lane.

Learn more about Love Logan by visiting her website and following her on social media: Instagram | Facebook




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