Meet Founder Octavia Cohen

Creator of Copper Cohens and Shades of Blue: Alopecia Awareness

Octavia Cohen is a creative powerhouse when it comes to vision & other perspectives! She has a big heart for people and a passion for abstract art and copper. She walks in freedom as she continues to heal yet enjoys life. One of her main goals is to become internationally known for her jewelry designs, poetry, and mostly for Alopecia Awareness.

What inspired your entrepreneurial journey or event?

I truly believe that entrepreneurship chose me. I’ve worked several jobs and it didn’t fit. I felt like there was always something more I could do yet I did not know what that was until I had a conversation with the Almighty. My boldness to be different with my art (poetry, writing, and my style of jewelry): I desired to have my own look and not walk around wearing jewelry just because a celebrity wore it and because it doesn’t reflect who I am. I’ve always gone against the grain (for the most part). After cutting the rest of my hair, I received compliments from women about rocking my baldness. The low vibe that I felt from them and the discouragement I heard in her voices confirmed that I need to do this: to bring Alopecia awareness to the community. The comments they shared pertained to the thoughts and perceptions of others. One lady said they could never do this because of her spouse or family members and would rather wear wigs however, she didn’t desire to, and/or they discouraged themselves by saying a negative comment about her looks. So many did not know that “Alopecia” is a word…which really pushed me to create an event and platform.

What do you define as a failure?

Giving up too soon — quitting before you blossom.

What have you felt you have failed at? What might you have done to prevent those failures?

I feel like I’ve failed at investing too little time in myself and in my craft, allowing myself to receive the doubt from others. If I’d known THEN that I can’t take others on my journey & realized that my vision is for me & not others, I would have been further along on my journey. Valuable lessons were learned.

What kind of impact do you want your product to leave on your client?

The impact that I desire to leave is that I’m very personable and I will do what I can to direct you to the best resource(s); you have the power to make a choice/ decision to create your own world…the power is within

What hurdles did you personally face and how did you overcome them?

I’ve faced hurdles of self-doubt, negative self-talk, giving the wrong people access to my vision, and not trusting myself. I have overcome this by connecting with some powerful goddesses who poured into me to remind me of who I am and why I need to keep going. That genuine push is necessary

What advice do you have for entrepreneurs and small business owners who may not be achieving their goals?

Trust your vision. Trust the One who gave it to you…just be! Know that it was given to YOU, not momma & nem…YOU! Write down your visions, goals, and ideas & watch the magic happen.

What would you say is your most driving motivation to keep doing what you to do?

Freedom is my motivation because I can’t be boxed…it’s impossible.

What are you most excited or passionate about? (In both business and life or both)

I’m excited about connecting with people! Society has gotten away from verbal conversations and reaching out and genuinely touching souls without electronics (solely). I’m passionate about my art: I love painting and just being a creative artist on any level: jewelry, graphics, visuals, etc.

What are the goals you most want to accomplish in your business? What are the goals that you hold personally?

A major goal that I desire to accomplish in my business is to become global. A personal goal is to become healthy by making better food choices and becoming more active & fit.

Did you have any key mentors or people who deeply influenced who you are, what you believe in, and what you’re committed to in your work and life? Tell me about them.

Jannie Williams’, (my mother) journey with Alopecia has influenced me to step up & out! I needed her to see that she isn’t alone by joining her by cutting our hair. She is one of the main reasons for walking baldly and free. Way before I experienced another level of Alopecia, india.arie’s songs, “Video” and “I Am Not My Hair”, helped me identify that I’m more than having no edges and more bald spots, that I am beautiful, with AND without hair.

Did you have any life-changing experiences that put you on the path that led you to be doing what you’re doing today? Tell me about them.

I’ve experienced low self-esteem/ confidence since childhood & since designing jewelry that is so different from the rest, I’ve slowly gained self-esteem/ confidence in order to be a beacon of light for others. Choosing boldness to be bald & free has definitely put me on my path to be able to share my journey, as well as create & build platforms in order to support and engage with others on their journeys.

What’s next for you in your business/brand? What can readers look forward to from you?

I am entertaining the idea of brand ambassadors for Copper Cohens as well as creating more opportunities to showcase Shades of Blue by engaging with men & children with Alopecia about sharing their experiences with Alopecia.

You can find out more about Cooper Cohens and Shades of Blue by visiting the websites and Following on Social Media.




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